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cherylkstoker berkata …
So I finally worked it out that we are coming to your tampil May 2nd in Vegas and we are all so very excited. I was a huge fan that made my daughters such fan that my youngest daughter can impersonate anda to a tee that her and her sister did anda and Sony at a talent tampil and got first place. We are all such fan and can not wait to see anda and hope we are able to get your autograph as it would be the greatest honor for all of us. Bring my grand daugher up to be a new fan. Thanks Cheryl K diposting ·25 hari yang lalu
Fan2TheStars berkata …
Big Big fan of Cher. So glad to have found this fan page. diposting ·6 bulan yang lalu
cherl12345 komentar…
Me, Too ·6 bulan yang lalu
bradphillips818 berkata …
CHER....my partner and I are seeing anda in Vegas on Feb 10th...He's your biggest fan from Nova Scotia, Canada. It would mean the world to him if I proposed across the Country at your show......can anda help diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu