charmed charmed Quote Contest (Round 10 Coming Up!)

HaleyDewit posted on Sep 04, 2010 at 10:05PM
This has nothing to do with the other Quote contest!This time you have to invent your quotes yourself ;)

Here's how it goes:

♠Someone posts a quote from Charmed.First round that will be me,next round the winner is to post one.
♠The fans add a quote that responds the leading quote best according to them
Don't use a quote that has been used in Charmed
♠There will be three days to add your quote and three days for voting.
The winner will be on the winner's list.

Member's list:

♥Ellen (HaleyDewit)
♥Courtney (sevendeadlysins)
♥Mimi (mimialliwell)
♥Sophie (HollyMarie)
♥Melly (mellyhalliwell)
♥Jenna (McAdamsFan)
♥Katerina (Katerinoulalove)
♥Magy (Magy25)
♥Sephora (House-Anatomy)
♥Zoey (piperleoforever)

Round 10 Coming Up![/url]


I hope a lot of you will join ;)

[b]Winner's list

Round 1: link
Round 2:link
Round 3:
Round 4:link
Round 5:link
Round 6: link
Round 7: link
Round 8: link
Round 9: link
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