charmed charmed Musical Contest (Round 8 Coming Up!)

HaleyDewit posted on Sep 04, 2010 at 08:00PM
Here's how it goes:

♫Someone posts a scene from Charmed.First round that will be me,next round the winner is to post one.
♫The fans add a song that fits the scene best according to them
Don't use a song that's been played in Charmed.I don't expect you to know all songs that have been played,but for example don't play the theme song.
♫There will be three days to add your songs and three days for voting.
The winner will be on the winner's list.
The winning song will be in the article section :)

Member's list:

♪Ellen (HaleyDewit)
♪Courtney (sevendeadlysins)
♪Mimi (mimialliwell)
♪Sophie (HollyMarie)
♪Melly (mellyhalliwell)
♪Jenna (McAdamsFan)
♪Zoey (piperleoforever)
♪Natasja (charming_angel)

Round 8 Coming Up!

Winners list
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Round 2:link
Round 3:link
Round 4:link
Round 5:
Round 6: link
Round 7: link
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