charmed ^, <, v Game.

friendsfan101 posted on Apr 30, 2010 at 12:26AM
I stole this idea from Blue85 on the NCIS & also the Tiva spot. All credit goes to her. =)

This game is pretty easy. All you have to know is this:

^ -Answers the question.
< -Tell what you're doing.
v -Ask a new question.

Just in case you're a bit confuse, here's an example. Question: Who's your favorite Charmed pair?

^ Leo and Piper
< Reading fanfiction and listening to music.
v Would you like to see a spin-off of Charmed?

The next person would answer that question, tell what they're doing and then ask a new question, and it would keep going from there.

NOTE: The questions do not have to be about Charmed. Ask whatever you want.

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