charmed charmed foto Editing Contest Round 4 [Pick Is Up]

chaarmed posted on Dec 13, 2013 at 06:23AM
How this works is that a screencap from an episode of Charmed is posted, and you have to edit it in a creative and fun way.

- You will have five days each time to make your edits
- I will then create a Fan Pick to decide the winner, which I will leave up for five days.
-The winner of the round is allowed to pick the next photo to be edited.
- The winners will also receive props for images. 1st - 3 props, 2nd - 2 props
, 3rd - 1 prop
- Anybody can join at any time, although I will keep score on this thread.
- As long as you use the original image, there are no restrictions to your editing. You can add other photos to it, or add stickers, text, effects, etc.

Round 1: Phoebe
Winner: chaarmed link

Round 2: Valhalley of the Dolls Part 2
Winner: LovingLucy

Round 3 Paige
Winner: link

Round 4: The Charmed Ones: Season 5
Winner: Pending
Winning Photo: Pending

 INSPIRED oleh TWILIGHT4EVER'S forum How this works is that a screencap from an episode of charmed is
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