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Multifandom Mashup 2014

[more of my current fave songs!] Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat

[more of my current fave songs!] 5 detik Of Summer - Good Girls

[more of my current fave songs!] OneRepublic - I Lived

[more of my current fave songs!] CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share

[more of my current fave songs!] Fall Out Boy - Centuries

[more of my current fave songs!] The Script - No Good In Goodbye

[some of my current fave songs!] Rixton - Me and My Broken jantung

[some of my current fave songs!] Charli XCX - Boom Clap

[some of my current fave songs!] Twin Atlantic - Brothers And Sisters

[some of my current fave songs!] MAGIC! - Rude

[some of my current fave songs!] The Vamps - Oh Cecilia

Multifemales | Bombshell Blonde

my first crackvideo: sherlock

Katherine + Elena [This Is My Show]

ouat | in my veins

a dream within a dream | true blood [IMC]

shadows | Hannibal

gossip girl | never let me go

panah | Losing your memory

Nikita Cast ~ Russian Roulette

holding on, letting go...

• I felt like I couldn't breath • [Teen Wolf]

Not Afraid • supernatural

American Horror Story || jantung Under api

kulit | What makes us human

● one pohon bukit, hill | so cold

pretty little liars | numb

►The Secret lingkaran | War In Heaven

The Vampire Diaries | I'm only human

The Hunger Games || So Cold

Grey's Anatomy | Holding On and Letting Go

● the originals | "hope" (1x22)

The Vampire Diaries - So Cold

Losing Your Memory (Prison Break)

Michael and Sara - So cold

Sweet Dreams | Game of Thrones

The Lament of the Starks | Game of Thrones

i can see for miles | game of thrones

hearts under api . game of thrones

jon & daenerys | skinny cinta

Does this darkness have a name? (Game of Thrones - House Stark)

think twice [before anda touch dean's brother] ; (sam/dean)

Faye & Jake | anda set my soul alight... [SPOILERS 1.13]

Bang | Jake&Faye

ahs | only sadness

daenerys targaryen; [breath of life}

Seven Nation Army || supernatural

If I look back I'm lost | Daenerys Targaryen

game of thrones; [shadows}

House Stark (Season One) | So Cold

►Elijah & Katherine | Black Beauty

►Elijah & Katherine | Young And Beautiful { 4x20 }

MultiFandom || Radioactive In The Dark [+Alinastars1]

Enzo - Chandelier

►The Vampire Diaries | You're Losing Your Memory

MultiFemale ● cinta anda like ...

House Lannister ; Rains of Castamere

Michael | Sara - Timeless cinta

Game of Thrones Cast ; Mad cinta

Michael & Sara | With anda

Game of Thrones ; Broken Crown

Michael & Sara (I'll go wherever anda will go)

Jon & Robb ; Without anda

Michael & Sara (In your jantung I'm home)

michael & sara | losing your memory

House Stark ; Hey, Brother

Hallelujah | The Starks

● The Starks | Iridescent

Robb Stark - Already Over

house targaryen | broken crown

Welcome to the new age [Game of Thrones]

Broken Crown - Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones | This is War

► Titanium | Game of Thrones Females [THGC]

S3::Game Of Thrones | We Want War

Breath of life ( Game of thrones )

Game of Thrones - Breath of Life

[P & K] Don't Deserve anda

"A Drop in the Ocean" ~ Peeta/Katniss [Catching Fire]

Nina Dobrev ♔ Bad Machine

bloodstream | freddie & effy

50 shades of grey † a little death

[poisoned devil].Peter Pan

Damon/Elena - Corner

Orphan Black - Meet The Clones

lydia martin | rescue me.

Reign - El Tango de Mary

Game of Thrones II the Devil Within

Game of Thrones II Who lives? Who dies?

Clash of Worlds - Trailer (Second version)

(A little treat for anda all) Clash of Worlds; A Fanfiction~ Opening Theme

Sansa Stark II Once

I Got Tagged On YT & I Tag CBF Vidders (;

Dany & Jorah II Set api to the Rain

The Vampire Diaries [HUMOR]

Callie & Arizona II Never Let Me Go

Callie & Arizona II Legohouse

Callie & Arizona II Rust atau emas

Grey's Anatomy II pencakar langit