Celebrity Contests Avril Contest!!! 6th Round!!!!

Dirty_Angel posted on Nov 12, 2011 at 03:24PM
Hey all:)
-This is a contest about Avril and her outfit...
-Winner: 5 props

1st round:
-Post pic of Avril wearing blue....(Close)
Winner: euterpa09

2nd round:
-Post pic of Avrul wearing yellow...(Close)
Winner: lumina_louella

3rd round:
-Post pic of Avril wearing pink.....(Close)
Winener: LavigneLover

4th round:
-Post pic of Avril wearing white....(Close)
Winner: Selena_Justin

5th round:
-Post funny pic of Avril...(Close)
Winner: Selena_Justin

6th round:
-Post black and white pic of Avril...(OPEN)

Good Luck!!!!
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