Cat:Mmmm White ikan chub! How did anda know i like it?
Me:Lucky guess*Hides Cat's diary behind back*
Cat:Ok then,Bye!
*At Catdog's house*
Dog:So how was the date?
Cat:Fun in the beginning,Awkward in the middle,Good in the end
Dog:Sounds ok to me!
*At Mia's house*
Mia:How was the date?
Me:Lots of blushing,Awkwardness,and Fun
Mia:Nice girl!
Me:Well im going to Catdog's house,Bye!
*At Catdog's house*
Me:Heya Cat!
Cat:Hiya there!
Me:Want to go in your room?
*In Cat's room*
Me:Got anything hard?
Cat:Yeah this hammer but wh-
*I memukul Cat's head with hammer*
Me:*Evil smile*Perfect
*Cat wakes up with chains at his ankles and wrists*
Cat:What the hell?!
*I walk in with sexy outfit*
Cat:Wow anda look hot but why am I in chains?
Me:No reason
*I crawl on Cat's tempat tidur over Cat's body*
Cat:Woah,What are anda doing?
Me:Naughty things
*Freaky fred watches in window*
Me:Get the fuck out of here Fred!
Me:What a creep,Anyways lets go back to our "Fun".
Cat:Wait I know why im in chains,YOU'RE TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH ME!
Me:No shit Sherlock
Cat:You could've just asked though
Me:But I didn't want to ask though
*I use my vagina to hump his weiner(yes he has one)*
Cat:OOF!Wait a menit this feels good keep on going
*I keep on humping his weiner with my vjj*
Cat:Uh!Uh!Uh!Keep on going don't stop
*Door opens*
Dog:Heres your coff-WOAH!I should leave
*Dog closes door*
Me:Damnit! I should've locked the door!oh well
*Me and Cat have sex for the rest of the night unbothered*