*I am making this fanfic for fun purposes only. Don't judge the way I combine characters and film together because it is all in my imagnation.*

The aircraft started going through the huge thundar clouds which were producing maximum lightning. Pazu did the best he could to get the flying machine away from the lightning. CatDog on the other hand were scared for dear life. "I don't like this Cat." Dog berkata while covering his eyes. Cat patted his head trying to calm him down. "It will all be over soon I hope." But with his anticpation, the jounrey through the dark clouds grew a bit longer than planned. After their last encounter with a large lightning bolt the four made it out alive and unharmed. "See Dog," Cat berkata while trying to get him to uncover his eyes. "We made it out okay." Dog was very happy and relaxed, so was Pazu and Sheeta. "Are anda two alright?" Sheeta asked. CatDog berkata "yes".

For a moment, the machine was flying above the country side. There were many amazing sights and things to see and experince. After an jam of flying, the crew decided it was time to take down and rest for the day. Finding a peacefull spot ontop of a steep bukit, hill they unloaded most of the things and set up a resting base. "Do anda two want to sleep in a tent?" Pazu asked CatDog. Cat replied, "Dog and I usually sleep on the grass. It helps us sleep better." Dog nodded, agreeing to Cat's opinon. Pazu looked at the two for a moment and said, "okay." Sheeta was busy cooking a little snack. After that, they all ate together. Cat tried one of Sheeta's snacks and loved it- so did Dog. "You are a wonderful cook." Cat berkata while wiping his mouth with a napkin. Sheeta giggled. "Thank you. I am very good at it and it takes pratice, lots and lots of it." Pazu looked up at the night sky which was surronded oleh various stars. Sheeta and CatDog looked at them too and were admired oleh them. "We usually don't see these many stars." Pazu said. CatDog had also never seen so many stars either. "Stars make me think of dreams," Dog berkata while yawning. "And dreams make me think of food." They all stared at Dog and chuckled and giggled. "I have to agree," Cat said. "We better get some shut eye." Saying their goodnights, Pazu, Sheeta and Cat all went to sleep.

oleh dawn, something unexpected happend. Cat heard a strange noise nearby and suddenly gave a little yelp- both him and Dog were being captured oleh someone unknown. When Sheeta and Pazu awoke a few menit after they too were shocked to see them gone. "What happend?" Sheeta asked with envy and fear. Pazu thought for a while and suddenly remebered the mysterious man wearing the black suit. "That man we saw yesterday," he explained to her. "He must have took them." Sheeta gasped. "We need to go out and find them atau Laputa will be in its doom." Pazu tried calming her down. "Don't worry- we will find them. Lets get the aircraft warmed up and we will go out and look." While the two were on their way to search, CatDog appear to be having some diffculties themselves. They were locked in a peti kayu, peti with no air holes. "What in the world are they taking us?" Cat berkata with panic. Dog did not seem feared at all. "They might be taking us to that place." He said. Cat was not very skeptic oleh his adivce. But later that day, they suddenly realized they were not in Laputa but a secert building lead oleh the black suit agent man.

The group of workers brought the peti kayu, peti into a secert room inside a large compound building where the two would live in. After witnissing where they would be at, Cat ran to a nearby glass window and pounded it a few times hoping to get some answers. The mysterious man suddenly walked closer to it and looked at Cat with a strange reaction. "You will help us find Laputa..wether anda want to atau not." After saying what he had to say, the man left the window. Cat watched as the man disappered. "What does he want from us?" He asked to himself. He looked down at Dog, who was busy playing with a rubber ball. "And how can I deal with him here?"