carrie underwood Guess the lyric - pujian puncak, atas be won

teamVolturi posted on Feb 04, 2011 at 07:51AM
Okay, so I've seen this sota thing on other spots so I figured we could try it out here.

Basically it's like hangman (But there is no little man to kill)
You start with a lyric that has no letters and you have to guess the letters in that lyric i.e. a, n, h or something like that.

-If you guess a letter and it's in the lyric then you win a prop.
-If you guess the lyric then you win 5 props
-The person who guesses the lyric correctly chooses the next lyric and gives the props out on the next round

/ is a space
- is a letter

Hopefully y'all understand?
Let the guessing begin... :)

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