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 1969 Corvette ikan pari
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While SAW 1 is actually one of the greatest film I know.

Saw 2 is lebih what people THINK of when anda talk about the Saw films.

Though, out of the many sequels this is probably the most interesting one.
There are EXTREMELY stupid victims in this one, and I'm here to honour their death, oleh laughing at the stupidity of their decisions.

The films open up with VERY disturbing scene.
A man wakes up with spike-filled mask locked to his neck.

Jigsaw uses both a video tape and his puppet BILLY to inform the that in order to unlock the device, he must cut into his eye to obtain the key, which has been...
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Trevor shows to be extremely protective of those he cares for. He threatens ANYONE who disrespects them. And his anger of Brad's death show's he truly did care about the man.
But Trevor is ALSO impetuous, vengeful, psychotic, unhinged, unpredictable, untamed, infamous, sociopathic and prone to violent outbursts and destructive rampages - in the detik trailer he smashed an unknown person's head into a bar counter and was then seen setting a house on api and walking out of the area without a care in sight. He does everything in an awful and relentless manner, (much...
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awesome *_*
Well. Here I go..

Obviously, the main reason for not liking this, is the sex.
So much fuckin sex, sex, SEX!
Sadly, it's not the first story to involve 'incest', nor is it the 'worst'.
Though it's certainly up there.

There's even one between Kate and Lilly in this story.
I mean. For goodness sakes. There sisters, there's so many reasons why that is wrong.
Though least its better than when I read a story about Kate and Lilly 'doing' Winston, and he 'letting them'.
Seriously. What is wrong with people!?

As anda expect.
The full story is the type of deal that makes anda hate Lilly....
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Billy Idol - Turn your back
freddy krueger
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Fordham unwaveringly supports Ross in his dishonorable methods. However, unlike Ross, Fordham appears to develop a respect of sorts for Marston during the last few missions he is in.

And during the game's final mission, "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed". Archor did not take part in Marston's murder.. So it's possible Fordham might not of been comfortable with killing John Marston, considering John did what they needed him to do.

That's all I got to say. I thought I'd have more.. But no.

What are your thoughts?

 Sick design, "okay" character
Sick design, "okay" character
This movie series has been lebih atau less forgotten over time.. Probably only remembered because of Nostaglia Critics review.

[Ghost Rider pony video]

Anyway.. Lets start with the "bear suit" gajah of the room.. Cage..

I grew up with the Natural Treasure movies. Which is basically like Mission Impossible.. So I never knew Nichael as the "crazy lunatic" I know him as now.. I actually thought he was a ligitimentally good actor.. Even in Con Air..
When I got old I saw the other side of him.. I think Ghost Rider 2 was my first view of it. Cage was clearly having WAY to much fun.

Anyway.. Not...
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I thought I'd tampil lebih on AlexMane's character, oleh retelling his version of all this.


Luna: (now a book publisher as a way to make a little extra money) (enraged) anda DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING!?

Alex: Look, I been bus-

Luna: The book was about YOU, about YOUR life!.. Your just lazy.

Alexmane: And a drunk!

Luna: Wha-

AlexMane: Not joking, I'm drunk wait "now".

Luna: Well.. That explains the smell.



AlexMane: (having been fired oleh Luna, for having spent 12 months not...
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Hershel: Just tell us what this is. Please.
Phillip: It isn't personal.
Hershel: Than what is it?
Phillip: Michonne, I want anda to know... Penny, my daughter, she was dead. I know that know. Now, I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt anyone. I need the prison, that's it. There are people I need to keep alive. anda two are gonna help me take it. No one needs to die.
Michonne: I'm gonna kill you.
Phillip: No, anda won't.
Michonne: I'm gonna take my...
Hershel: Stop it. anda want the prison?
Phillip: Yeah. And I will take it as peacefully as I can.
Hershel: Governor...
Phillip: Don't...
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#1: LAMAR:
Lets be honest.. Lamar isn't excatly the most likable character in the game.. He has to be one of biggest idiots of the whole game.. Kidnapping a gangster who has known him from when they were childrun, with a Paper-Thin Disguise (which he removes at the worst of times). Oh, and letting him know you're coming instead of sneaking up on him.. And then using his own phone to announce his ransom. Any criminal ever knows NEVER use a cell phone... Shortly followed oleh agreeing to a secret meeting with berkata person. After he KNOWS it was you.. Franklin frequently has to save him, usually...
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Oh god.. Oh god...

I grew up with this movie.. As a kid I thought, this wasn't "that" bad... BOOOY was I wrong..

Early on we get Seans death hiu attack.. Well, a shaky camera IMPLYING a hiu attack.. Allwhile his screams are drowned oleh the natal singers.. I know this cause they switch back to the singers it at least 12 fucking times in the whole sequence..

I swear to god, this movie is just depressing as hell.. Not scary.. And Ellen, Martins wife believe the hiu was WAITING for Sean.. It came for him because of what Martin did to his buddies..

(Dr. Elkins: Sharks don't take things personally,...
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