Running from Chicacolt to San Franciscolt is a railroad called the Union Pacific. It's the largest railroad in the United States, and is run oleh thousands of ponies. This is the story of some of those ponies that run the rails, aka railroading.

Episode 2: To Lease, atau not to lease

August 1, 1950

It has been half a week since Coffee Creme's first hari working on the Union Pacific. She's a hard worker, and normally works with Hawkeye, and together, they would have a special assignment. They were recieving it in Cheyenne at 9 O clock in the morning

Pete: Attention everypony! Listen up.
Workers: *gather around*
Pete: I've got an order of new engines coming in, but it's been delayed. So for the time being, we'll be leasing a few engines from the Baltimare & Ohio. Hawkeye, I need you, and Coffee Creme to go pick up the engines in St. Foalis. When anda get them, bring the engines to the servicing facility here in Cheyenne.
Hawkeye: Sure thing.
Coffee Creme: We're on it sir.
Hawkeye: *walks to engine* Come on Coffee Creme.
Coffee Creme: Why do anda want to get this finished in a hurry?
Hawkeye: Who berkata we were in a hurry? Pete wants all these steam engines replaced, and this is our opprotunity to prove to him that we don't need diesels to have a good railroad.
Coffee Creme: What are anda saying?
Hawkeye: One of these days, every railroad in the United States will replace every single steam engine known to ponykind, in favor of diesels. It just makes me sick. *drives train*
Coffee Creme: What do anda mean?
Hawkeye: Steam engines are the greatest, and they're going away possibly forever. I'll tell anda one thing. We're not leasing any engines from any railroad. We're going to rescue them.
Coffee Creme: What if they're diesels?
Hawkeye: Then we sneak into the B&O engine facility, and get ourselves a few steamers.
Coffee Creme: And the engine we're driving?
Hawkeye: Leave them. They'll want these diesels if we're taking their steam engines.
Coffee Creme: Very well then.

When they arrived in St. Foalis

B&O worker: *sees Hawkeye's train*
Hawkeye: *stops train* Hey, how's it going?
B&O worker: Fine. Your engines are ready to be picked up.
Hawkeye: Oh, my controller made me stop here along the way. He berkata anda can keep these engines in our train for a few of your Pacifics.
B&O worker: Really? Thanks.
Hawkeye: No, thank you. Where are the Pacifics.
B&O worker: Let me check with my boss. *walks away*
Coffee Creme: Well? Now what?
Hawkeye: We tell his boss the same story. In the meantime, just relax.

The B&O worker came back with his boss.

B&O boss: Ok, so anda want to take three 4-6-2's in favor of these diesels?
Hawkeye: Yes sir.
B&O boss: Hm. There could be a problem with this.
Coffee Creme: What is it?
B&O Boss: Ah never mind, just a joke. Those three engines anda want are over there. They're all yours.
Hawkeye: Thank anda so much. *goes to engines*
Coffee Creme: *follows*
Hawkeye: Now we have new engines for the line, and we have less diesels. Let's do this.

The two ponies got the first engine started up, and pulled the other two.

Hawkeye: Now we give these two a run on U.P rails.
Coffee Creme: hahaha!

In Cheyenne

Red Rose: *switching tracks* Orion, slow down a little will you?
Orion: Fine *slows down*
Hawkeye: *blows whistle*
Red Rose: *switches wrong track* Wha-?!
Orion: Seems like they got the engines.
Pete: *sees Hawkeye's engines* What happened? I thought I was leasing diesels here!
Hawkeye: Yeah about that. They didn't have any, and gave us these three engines instead.
Pete: Alright. Tomorrow, you, and Coffee Creme are going to carry a freight down into Greeley.
Hawkeye: Alright. See anda tomorrow Pete.
Coffee Creme: Bye boss.
Snowflake: Hey, wait for me!
Honey: And me!
Hawkeye: Oh why not? The lebih the merrier.
Snowflake: Let's all hop in my station wagon.
Others: Sounds good!
Snowflake: Who's house are we going to today?
Gordon: Mine!
Hawkeye: No thank you, I'd rather stay healthy.
Gordon: Fine, but just think about what you're missing out on.
Hawkeye: A place owned poorly oleh an asshole.
Honey: I think we should all go to Gordon's.
Hawkeye: Well as long as I get to insult him in front of his wife.
Gordon: I don't have a wife!
Hawkeye: That's worse.

Eventually all five ponies went to Snowflake's. As usual. 10 menit after their arrival, they were watching I cinta Lucy

Gordon: *singing to themesong* bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored!
Hawkeye: You're so bored it's making us bored.
Coffee Creme: *laughs*
Gordon: Anything else with the word bored in it?
Hawkeye: Checkerbored.
Coffee Creme: Wooden bored.
Honey: Cutting bored.
Hawkeye: All abored!
Snowflake: Damnit, I wanted to say that.
Hawkeye: Too late.
Gordon: So what's with those three steam engines anda brought over here?
Hawkeye: Those are the engines we're leasing.
Gordon: What about those two F3 diesels?
Hawkeye: There weren't any, so they gave us three pacifics.
Gordon: Shit!
Honey: What's the matter?
Gordon: I hate steam engines! That's why I told Pete to replace them!
Coffee Creme: How could anda hate steam engines? They're lebih powerful then diesels are.
Gordon: But what about everything else?! Speed, effiency, pollution? Why do anda think those diesels are being manufactured instead of steam?!
Hawkeye: Because some ponies are dumb, like you.
Gordon: Thanks Hawkeye, that really helped!
Hawkeye: Whatever, I'm going home.
Coffee Creme: Yeah me too.
Snowflake: Get out of my house Gordon.
Gordon: Fine *pushes snowflake*
Honey: *grabs snowflake* Are anda alright?
Snowflake: I'm fine.
Gordon: HONEY! Let's go.

selanjutnya morning, Pete's new engines arrived.

Pete: Ah perfect. Ok Gordon, time to take those engines back.
Gordon: Yes sir. *climbs in pacific*
Red rose: *watching* This is definetly going to anger Hawkeye.
Gordon: *takes engines back to St. Foalis*
Hawkeye: *arrives* Whoa, wait a minute, what's going on?
Red Rose: Gordon is taking the engines anda brought here away.
Pete: That's right. We have the new diesels I ordered.
Hawkeye: Oh great. Thanks.

But when Gordon arrived in St. Foalis.

B&O worker: *sees pacifics*
Gordon: Alright. We have new engines, and no longer need to use your engines. Thanks for letting us lease them.
B&O worker: What are anda talking about? Your controller traded two diesels in favor those engines
Gordon: Did he now? Why would he do that?
B&O worker: I don't know pal. He's your controller. Not mine.
Gordon: Well we don't want these anymore. Give us our diesels back!
B&O worker: Ok, but they're painted in our railroad colors.
Gordon: anda mean anda painted them for the Baltimare & Ohio?!
B&O worker: Afraid so.
Gordon: Whatever, just bring them here.

Still, could be worse.

Gordon returned to Cheyenne with the two diesels, painted in B&O colors.

Pete: What is this? Did anda steal these engines?!
Gordon: No sir! I-It was Hawkeye!! He set me up!
Pete: Hawkeye would never do something like that! Unlike you, he is a hard worker, delivers trains on time, and does not steal engines like what you've done!
Gordon: But- you've got to find him, and interrogate him about this!
Pete: No buts. He is in Greeley, and is lucky not to deal with anda like I am right now. anda are suspended from work with no pay for a month!
Gordon: Fuck!
Pete: Two months.
Gordon: Fine! *runs away*

At Greeley

Hawkeye: I don't know why Coffee Creme, but I feel like things are going our way.
Coffee Creme: What makes anda say that?
Hawkeye: The anger of a very stupid pony.
Both: *laugh*

The End

selanjutnya up in Ponies On The Rails

When Gordon returns to work, he has to deliver a train with somepony he doesn't like.

The story will be called Enemies With Benefits

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