buffy the vampire slayer Buffy Club Chat Room Petition - WE GOT IT!

ArabellaElfie posted on May 30, 2009 at 08:49AM
Hello everyone,

As a very good portion of you know the Scoobies are coming (note the icons and picks around you adding to this effect) and if possible we are considering having a live awards ceremony or something in a chat. I have link and this seems like the best way we can go about it.

If you are in favor of this club getting it's own chat (for the Scoobies and beyond) please sign below. Just your name, maybe a sentence or two on why you would like it or your willingness to bring the fanpop four the beaten body of either Bob Barker (Barney will not be pleased) or Tom from Myspace as a sacrifice. Please refrain from conversations or long rants, I'm going for an offical feel on this. Foward it to your other Buffy club friends, anything, let's just get a big showing so we can present this to the Fanpop Four with honor and a fairly good feeling of possible success.

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