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Which members are anda most like and why?

Rm: we break everything we touch
V: We both are weird, odd, and strange.
Suga: We both hate life
 twinklestar11 posted ·5 bulan yang lalu
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Blaze1213IsBack said:
The lebih I think about am a lot like Suga lol, I have his attitude and I tend to act the same way as he does. Also I like wearing black.
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posted ·5 bulan yang lalu 
IdontlikeU1111J said:
I think I'm the most like Suga because I really dont like anything at all in life.
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posted ·4 bulan yang lalu 
Yapjo said:
Jungkook - golden maknae, amazing abs, cute bunny kookie, youngest.
v- cute, hot, amazing vocals!!!
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posted ·3 bulan yang lalu 
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