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wendy mass
Sometimes it's great to be a bookseller.

B.E.A. (which I didn't go to, alas) has passed and our book buyers have come back with some great ARCs in their suitcases and begun to share the book love. The eagerly-awaited detik book to The Hunger Games is in my hands, as well as Jeannette Wall's new "true-life novel". I was also happily surprised oleh a new book in a new series oleh Cinda Williams Chima, penulis of the Heir trilogy (The Warrior Heir; The Wizard Heir; The Dragon Heir). All three are fantastic -- y'all should pick them up come Autumn 2009!

Catching Fire oleh Suzanne Collins
US Release Date:...
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 Family Secrets of The British Royal Family
Family Secrets of The British Royal Family
Celebrity biographer Randy Jernigan's "Family Secrets" gets an official release tanggal of May of 2017.

Jernigan, who recently published The Life and Career of Marie Osmond and is set to release a biography on Ellen DeGeneres, says he's always been an admirer of queen Elizabeth and the rest of her family, and has always wanted to take a serious look at the British Monarch in a book.

"I think queen Elizabeth is a great lady with a huge heart, especially when it comes to her family and her people," says Jernigan. "I've been collecting information on "the family" for years in hopes that one hari I'd...
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BJ Gallagher Hateley and Warren H. Schmidt
2006, 172 pages

I know the judul may make anda smile and giggle. I did too when it was introduced to me as a gift when I was studying for my master’s degree in psychology in 2001. And what a gift! I am since happily involved in human resources for a law firm employing over 600 people, including 250 lawyers. Over 600 very different human beings with very different ways of thinking, but 600 very different human beings all living for the same purpose: make the best out of everything life gave to each and everyone of them – creativity and courage –...
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Daniel Goleman, 1996, 288 pages

A penetrating analysis of the dark corners of human deception, enlivened oleh intriguing case histories and experiments – It was written for the professional, yet is understandable oleh the layman as well because it is so well and clearly written. This is a great book for coaches, counsellors, and therapists working with individuals that are grieving atau dealing with past issues. I found the book to be helpful in explaining why so many of the people I coach seem to have denied atau repressed very emotionally traumatic incidents. The human mind is amazing and complex....
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berkata to be bigger and better than Twilight. From the amazing trilogy oleh Suzanne Collins.
hunger games
good book