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Long before the Gotei 13. Seireitei was ruled over by the 3 Noble houses. Peace lasted a 1000 years in Seireitei, but all things must end. Two small clans the Shiba, and Kuchiki clans threatened to unbalance the peace. These two clans, sought power where they had none, and meant to take it from the other houses. To be a Shinigami means justice, and to be a Noble one must hold the peace. Peace is a fleeting thing, it's a blink of the eye, a heart beat in the life of a Shinigami. For to be a Shinigami means fighting.

I posted a Article for this, but it's boring as a single man. Plus I feel that true rps are becoming a dying thing. So if anyone would like to join please message me. Format will be the basic one down below along with ranks. Play style, or paragraph style writing is allowed as long as it makes sense.

Perspective Age/ Actual Age:
Outfit: (Black or White Kimono. All white Kimonos have their perspective house symbols on them, though some personal touches is allowed)
Appearance: (Eye Color, Hair Color/Style, Skin Color, etc.)
Personality/Fighting Style:

Appearance Unreleased:
Shikai Name:
Release Command:
Shikai Appearance:
Shikai Abilities: Limit 3
Bankai Name:
Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Abilities:Limit 3
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance/Inner World: (Optional)

(Ranks/Houses) Each House will determine their own ranks if more people join, also will make their own titles. For example all characters in the Sakura house with me, will be 1st heir to the Reaper, 2nd heir to the Reaper, etc. every house can make their own. 1st heir needn't be the second oldest, think of Captain, and Lieutenant.

(House of Sakura)
GrandMaster: RizingSun (Katsurou Sakura)
1st Heir:
2nd Heir:
3rd Heir:

(House of Shihoin)
1st Heir:

(House of Shiba)
1st Heir:

(House of Kuchiki)
1st Heir:

(House of Genrasei)
1st Heir:

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu RizingSun13 said…
Name: Katsurou Sakura

Perspective Age/ Actual Age: Perspective age looks 23. Actual age around 250.

Height: 5'11

Weight:: 190 pounds

Outfit: Chiyo wears the normal black kimomo, but removes the top half in combat. He wears metal Armour covering his entire right arm and hand. His white kimono is inlaid with a golden tree on it, the symbol of his house. He normally forgoes the white kimono when in the field, or in combat. Around his neck he wears a light green silk scarf, with golden trim.

Appearance: Chiyo has deep purple eyes, and the edge of his eyes are gold. Chiyo has long dirty blonde hair that hangs shoulder length, but for formal meeting he wears metal clips holding his hair back in a ponytail. Chiyo has fair skin, without blemish, and hates getting dirty.

Personality/Fighting Style: Chiyo is laid back, and easy going. He can often be found shirking his responsibility, and napping in the gardens around the Sakura estate. He favors peace over everything, and will defend his honor to death. Chiyo believes that title/rank should not be a limit to ones potential. Chiyo loathes fighting, and favors peaceful resolutions. but once drawn into fighting Chiyo is a fearsome fighter. Trained in hand to hand combat, and Kido. Chiyo often forgoes his Zanpaktou altogether, and fights with his own strength.


Appearance Unreleased: Seiki's, sheath is light green, with golden vines running the length of it. A star pendant hangs off a chain, from the hilt.

Shikai Name: Seiki (Spark of Life)

Release Command: Fracture all Existence

Shikai Appearance: Katsurou crushes his Zanpaktou, which then explodes in a supernova of flames, and light. Seiki, reforms into a trident, with a molten core. Flames cover the shaft, and flow from it up his arm, and down his back. Light, and fire lash out from Seiki scorching the ground. Katsurou's robes turn fiery red with a grey scarf woven around the lower half of his face. Flames wrap around his legs obscuring them, and turning them in a cloud of fire.

Shikai Abilities:

Sukōchi (Scorch) Seiki erupts in dense flames, coating everything around it in fire. Even burns the Raitsu particles in the air making it hard to breathe.

Seiki can be thrown, and manipulated in air, to turn. The shaft explodes upon Katsurou's command and reforms from the ember in his right hand.

The flames of Seiki are cool to the touch for, those it deems worthy. Even stopping blood flow and sealing wounds. Though it cannot completely heal wounds.

Bankai Release Command: Bring forth the Primal, and crush all hope.

Bankai Name: Jinseino Noroi (Curse of Life)

Bankai Appearance: Seiki requires a second release for Bankai. Katsurou stabs the trident into the ground, and after Seiki's flames diminish. Katsurou then breaks the shaft which releases a violent blast of Raitsu causing the sun to explode. Bathing the sky in pure black. the sky becomes so black, the star are even diminished, but the world is still visible. Seiki then reforms, into its trident shape, but this time it has a black-hole for a core. The shaft seals back together and looks like a galaxy spiralin. All the flames from Seiki disappear. Katsurou clothes turn blood red, with pictures of tortured souls fighting on them. His eyes turn from fire to pure black, with black tears running down his cheeks. The flames around his legs disperse leaving his legs exposed which are covered in scales. From his back spout two bones wings.

Bankai Abilities:

The shaft of Jinseino is so dense that it disrupts space, never allowing anyone including Chiyo to look directly at it.

Jinseino brings forth fear, and primal savagery, whipping everyone that lays eyes on Katsurou into a feared frenzy. Forcing them to attack, and not run away.

Jinseino Noroi taxes Katsurou's body greatly, not allowing him to be release for ore than 20 minutes a day. If his limit is reached he will be forced back into Shikai to protect his life.

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance/Inner World: Katsurou's inner world is a barren waste land, with a scorching sun blazing down on it. It is void of all life. Seiki looks like a Shimmering wisp, made of stone and fire riding on a cloud. Jinsei is the opposite a wisp made of pure darkness that no light passes through, riding on a star.

Special Abilities: Katsurou can use special Kido unique to his family.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu RizingSun13 said…
The afternoon was quiet, and the forest was muggy, but Katsurou didn't care he could lay in the cool grass on the edge of that pond forever. The gentle sound of the pond rushing, and the birds call hanging in the air put him at rest. The smell of all the exotic flowers his mother had collected mixed, and created a sweet aroma around the gardens. This was his favorite place, and just outside not to far from the gardens, but not close enough that the hand maids would find him. just one more week like this, all is at ease in Seireitei. He couldn't help but feel a little pang of worry in his gut, in one week the King would cast his vote on wether or not to allow the Kuchiki, and Shiba clans to be granted the status of full nobility. If these two house were to become Noble families it would shift the power in Seireitei greatly. Katsurou realized that the King was leaning towards allowing them, and that not all in Seireitei would agree with his decision. There would a time of unrest, and uneasiness, but that would fade as the world fell into a new order. But for this brief moment in time, all was at ease and all was right in the universe.
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