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I chose to go down the path of fight

But instead I went down the path of light.

Her auburn hair, her dimpled cheeks

Her smile never gave me creeps.

It brought me comfort as it made her shine.

Her eyes were ones that were very wide.

Her glowing gray orbs showed the way

Down that path that I will betray.

Once it ended, I looked up to her.

Her crying tears made her vision blur.

I asked if she was scared, it seemed rather odd.

She reached out to me and berkata "I'm not."

It all made sense, then and there.

I had a heart, which was never spared.

I left her that day, bewildered one as it is.

I'll never forget her, the one who was not afraid.

The one who wanted me to stay.

'Orihime Inoue'
this is when toshiro wakes up in ichigos room.
but this has my twist added to we go !!! please note: i own NOTHING!!!!

toshiro woke up with a shock in ichigos room and struggled to sit up.

toshiro: w-where am i ?

ichigo walkd in


toshiro: ichigo! where am i?

ichigo: your at my house. i found anda on the side of the road,didnt think i should just leave anda lieing there.

toshiro:i see, im sorry if i caused anda any trouble.

ichigo lookd behind toshiro. then toshiro lookd back. his eyes grew. there was a young girl there with black hair and mint green eyes.

ichigo: anda know how long voltas...
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posted by rusty746454
Rank: Captain
Zanpakutou info:

Shi-Kai → Unknown

Ban-Kai → Kokujoutengenmyouou An armoured giant appears.

Komamura Sajin first appears in the emergency Taicho meeting that questioned Ichimaru Gin’s apparent slip of duty in letting the ryoka go. Standing selanjutnya to Tousen Kaname and Aizen Sousuke his relatively bigger size was readily apparent, but beyond that little is known of him except that he wears a sort of helmet.

After Aizen’s death, we again see Komamura as he visits Aizen’s body in the 4th Squad Relief Station, accompanied oleh Tousen, whom he appears to be rather close...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Shindo Haruichi
Composed by: Okano Akihito
Arranged by: ak.homma, Porno Graffitti

Credit: link


Koyoi, tsuki wa doko o terasu no? Atsui kumo ni oowareta sora
Koyoi, kimi wa dare ni dakarete iru no ka ame ni hitori nakou ka

Subete o wakariaeru to omoi kitai nado shita jibun o hajireba
Dazai o te ni okujou ni agari kono yo nado wa to ureite miseru
Sora ni tsuba o haitara jibun ni kakatta

Tabibito kidori de itai kuse ni mayoimichi mawarimichi ga kirai de
Amekaze shinogeru yane no shita de guuguru kensaku de sekai o miru
Kimi ni todokazu ai no kotoba

Koyoi, tsuki wa doko o terasu no? Atsui...
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posted by Sasunaru120
Lover: Aizen Best Friend: Tousen On the upside anda can be versatile, inquisitive, whimsical, nimble, articulate, lively, active, curious, talkative, sociable, mercurial. On the downside anda can be restless, scattered, dual atau two-faced, inconstant, gullible, gossipy and superficial. anda are a Shinigami, but betrayed Soul Society alongside Aizen, and now live in Las Noches. anda cannot brag about your shunpo atau psychical abilities, but anda excel in kidou. Aizen loves anda for your natural curiosty towards the unknown, yet your innocent nature towards life itself. He finds your light heartedness...
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posted by rusty746454
Kubo Tite is the creator of the spectacular komik jepang and anime series called 'Bleach', He also is the creator of the komik jepang series 'Zombie Powder'. Kubo is recognized as being the creating of Bleach as it has sky rocketed to the puncak, atas and is one of the most populer animes in Japan. He was born on June 26, 1977 and grew up watching Dragon ball and Akira which Inspired not only Kubo to want to be a komik jepang artist but also Naruto's creator Masashi Kishimoto.

Although hard to believe, it wasn't always easy for Kubo as he wrote Zombie Powder while still in high school but do to lack of popularity Zombie...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: TAE-SAN
Composed by: IKASU
Arranged by: ORESKABAND

Credit: link


Manikyua nutta gohon yubi wo kikazatta
Soshite kagayaita no wa nanto jibun jishin datta
Kannou to wa kingyo no anda mata sore wo
Koe totorou kaeranai oto nado nai

Nobiteiku heikousen tonari wa kurikaeshi
Bikasare rekka sareru rashii
Kagi no kakatta sono saki no ashimoto ni
Hirogatte iku kyori wa te de tsunageru soshite kyou mo

Kimi no wake no wakannai yokomoji wo
Hidari de nankai mo nazotteru

Ah me ga aita shunkan no sono hito wa
Nee kimi no tsume nani iro ni someru no

Atatakai to te sabite shimatta anda da
Dare no mizu...
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izen: gin i have to tell anda somthing

gin:what is it this time izen

izen:im obbsesed with somthing every one else seems to hate

gin: ........ ugggg fine what is it

izen: well im obbsesed with justin bieber

gin:........ pfft hahahahahahha (trys to hold laughter)

izen: its not funny

gin: ok ok well why do u pfft hehe like him

izen: becuz he looks just like me hi hair do and everything and i jut cinta the way he sings it just akes me melt

gin: well just dont tampil me a pic of him it he scare the shit outa me

izen: really!!!???(thanks that he wants to see that)

gin: yea he makes me want to run and scream id...
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I shield my eyes from the blinding sun that seeks out of the window blinds. As I try to regain focus, I kicked off the toasty covers and dragged myself to grab my school uniform from my crammed up closet. As I fuss with the clothes and started putting on my shoes I look up the time on my dinding and knew immediately that I was late for school.
Without thinking I put on my clothes as fast as I could, took out some of my red kacang paste, and ran outside my house to the schools gates. I looked for any signs of hall monitors down the hall and quickly found my classroom. As I reached for the doorknob...
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posted by blackpanther666
(Raijin sat up, having pushed himself to the limits again; he had spent days on end doing push ups and sit ups, training his body to the absolute max. It wasn't exactly surprising - ever since he had been rescued, and had killed Arrancar Ichigo, he had been a different person; he had never exactly been talkative, but now it was like he couldn't find words anymore, a strange resolution that words could never undo the terrible things he had witnessed in his short life. Raijin was almost reaching the mature age of 300, but it felt like he had been through a thousand years of hardships, since his...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Futoshi
Composed by: Futoshi
Arranged by: Aqua Timez

Credit: link


Aisaretai demo aisou to shinai
Sono kurikaeshi no naka wo samayotte
Boku ga mitsuketa kotae wa hitotsu kowakutatte kizutsuitatte
Suki na hito ni wa suki tte tsutaerunda

Anata ga boku wo aishite iru ka aishite inai ka
Nante koto wa mou docchi demo iin da
Donna ni negai nozomou ga
Kono sekai ni wa kaerarenu mono ga takusan aru darou
Sou soshite boku ga anata wo aishiteru to iu jijitsu dake wa
Dare ni mo kaerarenu shinjitsu dakara

Sen no yoru wo koete anata ni tsutaetai
Tsutaenakya naranai koto ga aru
Aisaretai demo aisou...
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posted by tammav5
Volta looks around the park for someone.she doesnt know why shes looking atau who shes looking for.She only vagly remembers last night. her brother had told her shes not part of the ishida family any more.

Volta: (sighs) this is so hard

she went to the school and got ready. she was being adopted oleh the kurosaki family.she got in a biiig fight with her family the night befor. She sliped on a white tank-top and atletice leg-wear.

Volta: geez...

as she got to the kurosaki household she saw everyone there...

mr.kurosaki: Welcome volta! As of today your an official member of our family!

Yuzu: Volta we...
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posted by tammav5
the shingami where all around me.ichimaru got up slowly.

gin: what the heck was that for?!

i was silent aging.i took an chesnut out of my bag and through it at him.when it hit his head it crackd open.

gin: hey that hurt!!!

(it shouldnt have...your skull is thick enoughf anda could break a coconut in two.)

i pushed past toshiro

toshiro: hey!

(toshiro im sorry...)

i grabbd my swords hilt



i charged toshiro and stabbed him!blood spilled from the wound.he droped to the ground.

( should have know...)

i walkd out the door to begin my cari for my brother ,uruy ishida.

to be continued
posted by Sasunaru120
pic of you:link

My name is Miho.I’m the 5th espada...Yeah,Nnotira got killed...don’t ask...long story... I’m rather calm and don’t fight unless I have to. My mask is located under my right eye. I used to be a serigala like adjucas. I look somwhat like Grimmjow in released form,only I have the shape of serigala and not a pather...duh...I spend most of the time training oleh myself atau just in my room,reading...Grimmjow can’t stand me...I’m not that fond of him eather. He’s too violent for my taste. I’ve liked Ulquiorra since forever...He’s beautiful green eyes...I loved them so much...although...
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posted by Sasunaru120
Bf: Byakuya Kuchiki
Bff: Rangiku Matsumoto
Name: Keena Ashikaga
Personality: naughty, cheeky
Looks: black hair, green eyes
Link to your picture:
Short description:
You're a member of one of the four great families in Soul Society, because your family claimed to be the best they got a bad relationship with the other noble families and kept distance to Gotei 13. But now, because Soul Society and the Royal house were in danger, your family decided to send some of their soldiers to support him. Unfortunately they wouldnt allow anda to go with the soldiers, but that didnt stop you. anda sneaked into...
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posted by tammav5
OK please beruang in mind voltas narrating this. so its not like im telling the story!If anda cant understand my spelling.... one im sorry two deal with it and make up anda own words to make sence.
and yes its about voltas past.
Anyway enjoy!

Its the detik week of my training with toshiro hitsuguya captin of squad 10. Its getting easier (a lil' bit) cause i know the rutien but hitsu says were doin somethin diffrent today.

Toshiro: Volta, howd anda get to be so good at doing push ups?

As a warm up toshiro always makes me do at least 100 push-ups and sit-ups. of course if i could do 500 of them each in...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Jun Ritsutaya
Composed by: Ooyagi Hiroo

Credit: link


Kimi wa itsumo kono machi taikutsu da to nageki
Hi no ataru basho sagashite iru
Kuchizusamu MERODII wa sabikake no same old song
Atarashii uta kobande 'ru

Fuan ni naru no wa kokoro no doko ka de mirai wo shinjite 'ru kara

Baby, it's anda sono itami mo itsu no hi ni ka omoide ni naru yo
You're the only one kangaezu ni kanjite
Karada goto furuwase anda future is you!!

Wakaru daro kimi ni wa boku no shisen no imi ga
Yureru matsuge wa usotsukenai
Ijiwaru wa yame na yo boku wa miterarenai
Kizutsuku no wa kimi jishin da yo

Mukuchi ni naru...
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posted by tammav5
toshiro hitsuguya woke up senceing a very unusual power. it was very close to his own but very diffrent at the same time. he walkd out silently trying not to wake his luteniant,leaveing a note on his desk. he walkd quietly to the area where he senced the strange power.he stopped infront of the stair-well to the shishinro where he saw a shadow of a child about his hight with silver hair like his own.she lookd back at him and then walkd up to him. then hitsuguya made out an out-line of wings,and as she got even closer he saw she was wearing a kimono. "s-stay where anda are!" hitsuguya yelled....
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posted by IchiRuki15
Chapter 1: Awkward At First Stare

   She gazed at herself in the bathroom mirror, watching her midnight hair curl over her brush. The mirror mimicked her image as her eyes slid down her body, tracing every curve to ensure that every artikel of clothing was in place. The maroon key-hole kamisol was tight- fitting, but loose enough to tease the male mind. It matched perfectly with her dark mid-driff jacket. She looked lastly to her dark-wash  denim jeans, they fit her petite curves flawlessly. She had an interview this morning, for a part in a movie a few hours away.  After about 10 minutes...
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1. Byakuya: “The Man
With A Hollow Inside”
You’d be amazed at what a
good Hichigo voice he can do.
Byakuya: Even birds can
Byakuya: It’s really not
that hard.
2. Soi Fon: “Sweeney
It’s about a man who
makes candy. Out of people.
Soi Fon: And not in a cool
Omaeda: Um…
Soi Fon: What? I heard the
human world is really into
Hannibal right now.
3. Nnoitra: “The
Karakura Town Chainsaw
To be fair he isn’t aware
it’s a horror story.
Nnoitra: What? Is senseless
violence bad now?
4. Riruka: “The Haunted
Teddy Bear”
It comes alive and strangles
Riruka: I mean, can...
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