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Tentaisenkō (Celestial Flash)
#: 22
Incantation: Gather the feelings and ready to fight! gabung them powerfully with its might! Fill the darkness with the light!
Description: The user tightly clasps their hands together and then releases a flash of exceedingly blinding bright white light from their entire body; the flash of light can also be restricted to be emitted from just the user’s hands. The flash of light lasts for just over a second; the duration is longer if the incantation is used. The user’s vision is unaffected oleh the bright light while this spell is used.

Sanka Kashi (Three Song Asphyxia)
#: 31
Incantation: Hold them with humility, let them know their failures, rid them of atmospheres.
Description: Three chain-like arms, made from yellow spiritual energy, grab the target around their neck, squeezing tight enough to restrict breathing but only to the point where it is uncomfortable. If the incantation is used, the chain-like arms squeeze to the point of choking and where asphyxiation is a possibility.

Mippū Kōzan Tsudzuru (Spell Absorbing Mine)
#: 43
Incantation: n/a
Description: The user points their index and middle finger towards a location and fires a beam of light that makes a small glowing disc on any surface it lands on, excluding beings such as Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy etc. Any Kidō that is then subsequently imbued atau fired into these discs will be absorbed into it and will only activate when another being touches them, being forcefully released like a person stepping on a landmine. Many of these discs can be placed at once. A disc can hold either only Hadō spells atau only Bakudō spells and cannot hold a mix of the two. The number of spells that can be contained inside a disc increases when used with the incantation. The visibility of these discs can be controlled oleh the user, ranging from normal visibility to being invisible.

Zenchi no Chikaku (Omniscient Perception)
#: 44
Incantation: Trample on the ground of kings! Tear out the eyes of devils! meninju, pukulan the face of god!
Description: The user clasps their hands together with only the middle finger erect and the other fingers intertwined, then initiates the spell. This bakudō momentarily hyper-boosts the user’s sensory and spiritual perception to painfully high levels. There is a drawback however: when the Kidō wears off the user undergoes brief sensory nullification (anything between thirty detik to over a minute) while their body recovers from the sharp increase in sensory activity. When the incantation is chanted the hyper-boost lasts much longer but the sensory nullification still remains the same length of time.

Reitamamono (Spiritual Gift)
#: 50
Incantation: Forsake the malignant forces! Burn away the spirits of the earth that poison the air mancur of trust! Distribute the heavens equally!
Description: The user’s hands glow berwarna merah muda, merah muda and then they place them on to the target subsequently transferring the user’s spiritual energy into the target. The amount transferred is controlled oleh the user; lebih can be transferred safely if the incantation is used.

Reigiman (Spiritual Deception)
#: 67
Incantation: Cover the eyes of the bountiful children, bless the blind for they will see.
Description: The user makes devil horn fingers with both hands then puts the ‘horns’ together. This spell is essentially a sense-jamming technique which confuses the target’s reiatsu sensing abilities and causes them to sense that the user’s reiatsu is coming from many different directions and locations simultaneously. The effect lasts from anywhere between a menit to five menit depending on how much lebih reiatsu the user has over the target. This spell also allows the user to throw their voice from any location in the target’s immediate vicinity.

Aiganchō Niwatori (Fowl Wing Clipping Cage)
#: link
Incantation: n/a
Description: The puncak, atas of a bird cage forms, in the shape of a cylindrical pentagon. It suddenly sends its body crashing down into the ground, the door slamming shut in front of the person inside. There is a beam-like texture, but it is completely covered with Kidō sheets.

Chikyūenge (Swallowing Earth)
#: 83
Incantation: Redeem foul beast, rent the indifferent audience, see through silent wings, engulf in prideful arrogance, twist the minds from the broken ground, generate distaste!
Description: The user slams their palms to the ground causing five blue spiritual energy ropes to sprout from the ground, ensnare the target’s lower body and then drag the target’s body below the surface leaving only their upper body exposed above ground. When used with the incantation the kidō sprouts thicker energy ropes and ensnares the target’s entire body before dragging them below the surface leaving only their neck and head exposed above ground.

Gosentetsukasanegi (Five Thousand Iron Layerings)
#: 84
Incantation: Brand the flesh of the forsaken! Enter into depths of unknown! Bubble and froth! Melt and decay! Weep and mourn! Destroy and desecrate! Open forth the arches of darkness! Pass through the eternally punishing gauntlet! Reinforce the spirit!
Description: The spells allows the user to temporarily harden an area of skin on their body significantly oleh infusing kidō into it. The effects of this spells lasts as long as the user can actively and consciously maintain it. The lebih skin that is hardened the lebih spiritual energy is needed to activate the spell and thus the lebih spiritual energy is needed to maintain it. Using with the incantation drastically increases the level at which their skin is hardened.

Damasumuro (Trick Room)
#: 86
Incantation: Flip nature’s script and avert the gaze of reality! Rend muscle from bone and apply leaves to trees! Relate! Jeer! Enclose in the walls of quashing!
Description: The user erects a very large transparent box-like barrier around themselves and anyone else in the user’s vicinity (roughly 1500 square feet in open space). All those inside the box have their speed altered in comparison to the user: the faster anda pindah in comparison to wielder the slower anda will be inside the box; the slower anda pindah in comparison to wielder the faster anda will be inside the box. If used in an enclosed space, the entire enclosed area is under this spell’s effect.

Tenkyū (Celestial Sphere)
#: 87
Incantation: Surround, enter and despair! Encircle the entire being, revoke the constant flow of energy and remain translucent.
Description: The user’s hand drop and lingkaran around their body, then draw together, facing the target, as a translucent sphere appears around the target. The target’s spiritual energy then seems to slowly leech away and fatigue onsets. Unless the target can break free from the Bakudō, their spiritual energy will be continuously sapped until completely gone.

Hōbutsumenkū (Parabolic Void)
#: 88
Incantation: n/a
Description: The user erects a translucent barrier in the form of a large circular paraboloid. Depending on where the concave face of the barrier is facing, this spell can perform two effects. If the concave face is facing towards the user, then the spell deflects and disperses any blast, beam atau ball-like Hadō up to #99 (it deflects/disperses in the same way rain is repelled oleh an umbrella). If the concave face is facing away from the user, then the spell blocks and then reflects any blast atau beam-like Hadō up to #99 at a reduced power.

Rensakami (Chain God)
#: 89
Incantation: n/a
Description: The user summons two massive, linking chains, which seemed to be composed of something lebih than metal, as though the caster's energy was directly imbued into it which then catch and constrict the victim’s legs. The weight of the chains is immense and can weigh down even the strongest of people.

Kurokakusui (Black Pyramid)
#: 90
Incantation: Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!
Description: The user generates purple/black spiritual energy which takes the form of a pyramid of black energy covered in several spear-like protrusions that quickly envelops the target with a torrent of gravity, trapping them inside; gravity is intensified fivefold within the confines of the black spiritual pyramid. The target can only break out of the Kidō if they possess reiatsu that exceeds that of the user; other people can break the pyramid from the outside if they possess reiatsu that exceeds that of the user. At full power the Kidō can only be broken oleh someone that possesses reiatsu that is around two-three times larger than that of the user.

Rippō Dankū (Cubic Splitting Void)
#: 91
Incantation: n/a
Description: The practitioner creates a translucent barrier in the form of a cube around themselves, protecting from attacks from all directions. It can protect from all Kidō-based attacks up to #89.

Jigen no Kiji Azarashi (Dimensional Fabric Seal)
#: 92
Incantation: n/a
Description: The user’s hands shift and fold over one another, each finger sliding through their knuckles and tightly closed and wrapped around the backs of their hand. After reciting the spell, ribbons of Kidō-woven fabric violently tear through what seems to be the air. They appear out of nowhere, but are, after close inspection, entering through small pocket dimensions. They glide under and over the target. They exit one pocket and slither into another, opposite to it. They begin forming well-placed sutures. As if they were stitching on fabric, they tightly bind the target’s body. The user then grips their hands tighter, causing the ribbons to tighten and the pocket dimensions to close, latching onto the ribbons and tightly holding them in place. The target is thus rendered unable to pindah any part of their body.

Sōkōsha Kiseichū no (Armoured Parasite)
#: 96
Incantation: n/a
Description: The user’s body tremors before they step away, leaving an exact replica behind which displays the same posture, while they are free to move. The target then strikes this replica causing a bright light to erupt from the collision; simultaneously, thick sheets of energy unravel from the replica and begin clinging to the target, almost instantly ensnaring the target. The target is left cocooned oleh the energy, unable to escape. The cocoon is a selective adhesive and can be stuck to solid surfaces as if stuck with glue.

Hikkakeru Konsuterēshon (Thousand Weaving Constellations)
#: 97
Incantation: n/a
Description: The user places their hands together, knuckles folded around one another. The user then pulls his atau her hands apart, producing strands of energy in between their fingers. They can then thrust their hands out and release the threads of energy and then will abruptly expand into a massive, interlocking, woven net. It wraps around the victim, binding their entire body and enveloping them. It binds them tightly and constricts their body so they are unable to pindah their limbs atau pull them apart.

Kigen ga Nekusasu (Nexus)
#: 98
Incantation: n/a
Description: The spell generates a focal point, atau nexus, for which all the energy converges. It creates such a powerful pull of energy, it completely paralyses the body, using the subject's own energy against them. It’s ultimately unbreakable oleh anyone aside from the user.

Sendaichi Kabe (Thousand Earth Wall)
#: 104
Incantation: Rise up and protect of the fallen, withstand the siege of the beast, hold the countless fortress.
Description: Upon usage a multitude of large thick earthen walls sprout from the ground in the user’s vicinity. The number of walls created can reach a maximum of a thousand if the incantation is used (and the user is skilled enough).

Kenja no Eien Gōu (Sage of Eternal Heavy Rain)
#: 120
Incantation: Heavenly downpour of the Divine Ones, hail the cry of the dry. Bring with thee the heavy clouds. Bring with thee the blue sky. Purify the cursed taint and wash away doubt. Leave not a trace, for these dry lands mean nothing selanjutnya to thy floods.
Description: The user’s hands clap together as they recite the spell. Upon reciting, a ring of bright blue forms around the user’s hands and quickly spreads out, forming a wide circle. It then shoots straight into the air, melding with the sky above. Several detik later, the sky seems to fall and a heavy sensation becomes apparent on those nearby. Then it rains spirit particles in a liquid form that strongly resembles water with countless droplets showering the area. The spell can be used to nullify mist and haze-like techniques and abilities oleh forcing them to the ground and preventing them from functioning properly too far away from their source.
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