1. Manly because the first time we saw Ichigo he was kicking some dude in the face. I thought that was awesome. Ichigo is AWESOME!

2. i cinta bleach because of the first time i saw it i liked it. oleh the time ichigo fought menos grande i loved it. oleh the time rukia got kidnapped and i saw the byakuya and renji i was ecstatic. oleh the time they introduced all the captains i got hoocked. oleh the time ichigo got his bankai and hollow ichigo emarged i was gratified oleh the time ikkaku revealed his bankai i was overjoyed oleh the time i saw griimjaw and ichigo fought i was obsessed.

3. I like Bleach because I like how Tite Kubo make events connect. As in, when I found out that Shinji, Hiyori, and the rest of the Vizards were originally shinigami captains and vice-captains, I was very surprised. It gave me a tone of excitement. Also, I like Bleach because of like Rukia and Byakuya Kuchiki.

4. i think that bleach is the best anime and komik jepang series of all time i mean the animasi is stunning and the story line is impressive also the characters are so fully created with such life like personalities what do anda think(and naruto also)

5. Bleach is the best anime i have ever seen.The story line is perfect its got every thing a series should.Its got Drama,Voilence,Love(kinda,its there but its not long lived).What i mean oleh cinta is between Rukia and Ichigo anda know there is something there but it not tampil any further,which it would have been nice if it was.Most of all its exciting anda see and episode and anda just want to see more.I think its kinda addictive.

6. I think Bleach is a very unique series. The whole storyline that is broken down into arcs introduces us to different kinds of Shinigami that all have different kinds of abilities. I personally think Ichigo is a pretty good main character. He's not the smartest guy around but he certainly isn't a fool. His macho attitude makes his interaction with other characters interesting. His interaction with Rukia is definitely one of the most interesting. secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan most of the characters are pretty awesome so I believe Bleach is a well rounded series. Even the anime filler episodes were decent.

7. Bleach is my favorit anime because the anime has such a good plot and there are things anda would never expect. Also, there is great art and characters. It feels like these characters are real life people and have real emotions. I just think that I can feel it. That's why Bleach is my favorit Anime.

8. its kinda hard to explain why i cinta bleach so much. its justalittle biut of everything i cinta the characters and the way they grow as the series continues it doesnt have as many fillers as naruto sorry naruto fan wait a sec iam a naruto fan to lol anyways.. i just cinta the holy sword fighting idea behind it and mix that with sum magic and anda have me hooked Smile so yea all in all i just plain cinta bleach anda sir hjave a hold on me

9. I just recently got addicted to bleach,I gues why I like it is because there is so much action in the tampil and I like the weapons they use.

10. The swords and the costumes! Just the thought of there being people from the oter side who are still wearing mideval Japanese combat dress running around helping souls to pass on is just freaking awesome!

11. Bleach is one of a kind, Its well made and deep in character storys and original. Alot of animes are not original in the least, just copy of other animes, thats why i like bleach

12. I think that Bleach is mediocre along with Naruto. I suppose unlike some animes, Bleach has the characters fully developed from the start (or very close to fully developed) in terms emotionally. I never really liked Bleach's concept to tell the truth. I think that alot is exaggerated too much. For example, just when anda think the main characters are all helpless in some fight, a miracle occurs, whether some dude comes and saves them atau they get a new ability (such as Bankai). It's really all too cliche'd. I still watch Bleach, but I think it can be better.

13. The characters are likable that's about it the problem i have with the anime is the first season is really good then they end up putting too many fillers as the story progresses and then at around season 7+ It continues to get harder and harder to follow but now that i started watching Its unlikely that I will stop watching it.

14. The characters are likable that's about it the problem i have with the anime is the first season is really good then they end up putting too many fillers as the story progresses and then at around season 7+ It continues to get harder and harder to follow but now that i started watching Its unlikely that I will stop watching it.

15. I dont like it. I cinta IT!!
The reason is that I enjoy everything about it. The action, the characters, the soundtrack, and it has great comedy moments that appear out of nowhere but are hilarious!

16. The tampil is awesome because the characters have unique personalities and the way they interact with each other. The anime also goes indepth on each character so anda get to know each of them very well. The plot line is also good, many interesting twists and turns later on. Just watch lebih episodes, it just keeps getting better and better. The filler was also pretty good, unlike other animes the filler was almost like a detik storyline.

17. ...Of the fighting. But i also like it because it also has to deal with the fact of life after death. Sure, anda could become an evil being if anda have had a trubbled life, but most of the time a ghost will just go over to the Soul Society and be fine.

18. I cinta Tite Kubo's originality and creativity in each characters desain and personality. Every character looks, sounds, and acts differently. Also, the story is great! Once anda get past the first part (yeah, the indroduction is a bit slow, but it has its point), it really picks up. The Soul Society arc is awesome as well as the Arrancar arc. There's just a lot of action and versatility in every part of this series. That's why I like it. :p

19. I like it, because it is a wonderful supernatural anime, and that happens to be my favorit genre.

20. I cinta it because of the Shinigami and the Zanpaktohs. Those swords rock!!! I also like the action.

21. Basically for the action. It doesn't have the greatest of stories, but it has a wide variety of abilities and some of those are pretty unique. There's also a lot of good characters.

22. The fight scenes are epic. Storyline not so much..because Kubo is a massive troll.

23. Bleach because the storyline constantly changes, it has tons of action, the main character is interesting, and the supporting characters also are interesting, and not just there for cheap laughs. Ichigo also does not have anything annoying he does from episode to episode unlike naruto and his stupid chatch phrase. Bleach does have its downsides too, but they are mainly the length of some of the story arcs. For example if anda didn't like a certain story arc, anda have to sift through 30+ episodes to get to the selanjutnya one. That berkata anda can do that with out missing anything vital to the story. If anda decide to watch Bleach, watch it in Japanese over the English. The English dub is not that great in my opinion.

24. It depends on the person. If anda like death gods slaying hollows, your best choice would be Bleach

25. Bleach has good action but they take like 3 episodes and their comedy is really funny but they barely tampil it anymore

26. I like it because of the plot and because I like to see how many rescue arcs Kubo can do before he loses his popularity.

27. i like Bleach because I like those kind of serious fighting animes, but also has lots of funny parts to it. I also like the fact that all of the characters are cool with there zanpakotos. i also agree that it's cool with lebih than asian people in it. anda have Chad, Yoruichi, Tousen, and etc. Also the main character doesn't look like a 12 tahun old. Ichigo looks almost 6 feet and is tough with his funny points. Finally, Bleach is unique because I think it's cool that the main character can use hollow powers because it would be kinda sad if bankai was only power, even though Tensa Zangetsu rocks.

28. I really like all the characters even though sometimes it's hard to remember all of their names (I'm not talking about main ones before anda start yelling at me, I mean all the captains and vice captains of Gotei 13). The fact that they all seem to have some type of flaw atau moments of insecurity makes them lebih believable. Plus I enjoy the fact that he tries to make all of the characters and their attacks different so you'll never get them mixed up :3

29. Because the characters have about as much personality as a box of rocks and the plot is about as deep as a snakes asshole.

30. I like Bleach because of the BLOOD! I JUST cinta BLOOD!