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This Blair & Chuck foto contains setelan jas untuk bekerja and setelan bisnis. There might also be potret, headshot, and closeup.

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Lmao! it's just hilarious:

Dorata: Miss Blair, anda no longer held hostage oleh evil Prince Louis.
Blair: Oh yay! Now I can really get my hands on that wild forest atop my boyfriend's head!
Chuck: I don't think you're ready for this jelly.
Nate: No one is ready for that jelly. Why can't I have a onesie?
Chuck: Cause you're not Chuck Bass.
Nate: Wah, problems with Lola.
Chuck: I have a kanguru tattoo.
Nate: ...........
Serena: What are anda gonna do now that you're free of the French Terminator?
Blair: Screw your ex, DUH!
Serena: Oh right, I'm happy for you. Too bad anda can't be a princess anymore....
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Story: 'You make me feel funny'

Author: Ana

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl.

Summary: Blair is determined to never get involved with a man again and she was successful until she met her new boss. He annoys her since the first hari and she really doesn't know why she feels like she’s high school girl again around him. Still she knows she can't give up as she has a secret that would make someone like Chuck bas, bass run away the detik he found out. AU

Hi! New update is here :) I cinta to write this one now so it’s sooner than I update usual and sorry there’s not a new ‘French...
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 Bros before Hoes?
Bros before Hoes?
Episode 15: Down without love

GG: Frills and frocks, heels and headbands, It all comes out of the closet tonight. The social event of the year... All our U.E.S's will be there, and so will I, Gossip Girl's not missing this event, After all who knows what might happen?

- The Morning of the Charity Ball.

(At the Archibald Apartment)

Nate and Anne are in the apartment.
Nate is trying on his suit for the ball, when his cellphone rings.
Nate looks at the phone and sees it's Chuck.

A: Well aren't anda going to answer that?
N: It's Chuck
A: Well answer it then he is your best friend Nate
N: (breathes deeply)...
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 What are they up to?
What are they up to?
Episode 14- The Un-Usual Suspects

Gossip Girl: # Still no sign of recovery atau release for Miss Waldorf and it looks like the queen B crown is up for the way we've recieved some suspicious reports of Chuck and Nate sneaking around....seems like they're up to no good...! Comon Gossiper's give me something concrete! xoxo #

It has been two days. Serena has been visiting Blair as much as she could but visiting has been restricted by
the centre.

Blair was begging the doctors to let her out, begging her mother to get her out of there. She tried to convince them that there was nothing wrong...
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