A.N. Ok This is an Ed/Leighton Fic. It happens after the Leighton Sex Tape skandal hits the news...

Background: Just for this fic, let's imagine that Ed and Leighton share that undeniable off set chemistry which they tease each other about in the privacy of their own relationship but have not ever acted on the sexual tension. So they are both dating other people, Sebastian and Jessica.

They have not ever explicitly talked about whether they have feelings for each other. Let's pretend that maybe they can see something happening between them in the future after Gossip Girl, but any feelings they have are unspoken before this fic...

Ok on with the fic....this is a little two-shot of Ed's reaction to the sex tape...and what happens after they talk about it...o course we have to imagine that the sex tape is real and does exist even though in real life Leighton berkata it was a fake.

This fic is Rated M (18+) as it contains adult themes so please do not read if anda are easily offended atau too young!

She was sulking. She'd been sulking for almost three days now. Ever since she last spoke to her boyfriend. She ignored everyone else's texts and calls, waiting for her boyfriends call. She was sick of this, sick of the waiting, she couldn't take it any more, she had to speak to someone, anyone. She reached for her phone from her bedside meja and snuggled up in her covers whilst she browsed through the unread messages.

Most of them from friends asking if the headlines were true. If there really was a sex tape out there with her as the bintang of the show.

She couldn't face answering any of them until she reached his...it was from yesterday, probably when he found out, she could imagine him texting her straight away.

Hey wots wid d sex tape? U ok?


She decided that she did desperately want to talk, especially with him. They had undeniable sexual tension and they shared a deep bond that no one knew the true reality of. She could go to him for anything and he was always there for her, besides they both had 'a thing' for each other. So she replied to text.

I’m fine...


It was only detik later that he replied in his usual teasing way. She should have expected no less than for to take the piss, just to wind her up.

Shit babe...ur fukt...anything i can do 2help?

Otha sarang, den accept a 'footjob'? Burrrrn!


How dare he make a joke out of it she thought! Ok, so he had a cruel sense of humour and she kind of craved it right now, but he could at least tampil some sensitivity.



Apparently ur d fucker...caught on camera! I need 2 wach it u got a copy?


go 2 hell! Hate u!


hahaha ur so easy...more ways sarang, den 1...luv winding u up!


Gna fukn kill u!


That's if ur not too busy getting taped having sex...


Shut up. Leave me alone.


You know i cant do dat


Stop taking d piss.


She contemplated turning her phone off, it had been a couple of menit since their successive texts and she wasn't sure she could handle a sparring match with him even though she knew it was just his way of cheering her up.

But then her phone began to ring. She see's Ed's name light up on the screen, for a moment she thinks she should make him suffer and not answer but who is she kidding. She needed to hear his voice.

"What the fuck do anda want?" she asks, feigning annoyance.

"You really have to ask?" he drawls in that sultry accented voice.

"..." she plays with the hem of her dress absent-mindedly.

"I'd definitely like a foot-job to begin with" he chuckled and she huffed back in anger.

"Seriously you're not helping!" she almost yelled.

"But this is fucking perfect, anda have a sex tape and it's gone public, now everyone knows what a eh-hum anda really are" he laughed at her and could imagine her getting really pissed, he loved her when she was angry.

"You're a bastard!" she choked out almost sadly, this didn't go unnoticed oleh Ed and he tried to lighten the mood once more.

"Were anda seriously under 18 at the time? Because anda still look pretty hot. Your pantat, keledai in particular." he teased.

"I was not 18 atau under! The guy was my boyfriend!" she tried to reason. Was he seriously insulting her atau was this just another one of his teasing ways of winding her up like no one else could.

"Lucky bastard." he whispered, of course he wanted her to hear that komentar though.

"Yeah, had the luck that you've never had," she teased back, "...never will have" ouch, she knew that would have got him hard. They had been pining for each other for years now and had gotten so close to doing the deed but never actually did.

"Did he fuck anda hard?" he scoffed, even though he had never slept with Leighton he knew no one would be able to satisfy her the way he could.

"Yeah, I thought anda watched the tape?" she challenged.

"it's not quite available for viewing yet, but i've seen the stills."

"Really? I bet they were helpful while the girlfriends been away, bet anda jerk off multiple times every night, over just the stills." she knew she would have tipped him over the edge with that, because she was sure she had hit the nail on the head.

"I've had the best self-induced orgasms of my life over the stills." he chipped in, he wasn't going to let her win this duel, he wasn't going to hide what effect the nude shots of her had done to him.

He heard her giggle and he knew she was expecting a retort rather than him confirming her suspicions.

"I bet you're well and truly spunked out oleh now."

"I'll never be drained out for you. I'm always ready." he replied.

She breathed out heavily at the insinuation, she knew he wanted her and she wanted him just as bad, but they had never actually ever gotten that far. She knew she would have to change the subject and when she searched her mind for something she remembered the reaction from the press on this latest headline. It would ruin her for sure.

"My rep is totally fucked." she sighed.

"Your fine, just a set back." he responded, wary at the sudden subject change.

"Everyone's going to think i'm a slut." she berkata sadly.

"Much better when I was the only one who knew anda were." he teased again.

"Fuck off, i'm being serious now. Please."

"Your not fucked. So anda had sex with your boyfriend, no big deal." he tried to reassure her.

"Yeah but there's video footage which will probably be all over the net soon!" she exclaimed.

"It'll all blow over, no pun intended." he laughed a little.

"Fuck off, there was no blowing involved actually!" she defended.

"Was it an age thing? Lack of experience? I'm sure you'd be willing to do the whole oral thing now though?" he asked, slightly hopefully.

"Get your fantasi cock out of my fantasi mouth and shut up. Your not helping!"

"Fuck Leight," he sighed heavily, "thanks for the visual." he breathed huskily and Leighton blushed at his forwardness. There was another long pause and Leighton wouldn't have been surprised if he was jerking off as she sat there silently. Then she remembered her boyfriend and how he suddenly stopped calling her atau texting her since two days yang lalu when the sex tape skandal hit the headlines. She had called him and he had brushed her off and berkata he was busy with his agent.

"He hasn't called. We haven't spoken for days. It's not like him."

"Does he know about it?" correctly guessing who she was talking about.

"of course he fucking knows, if he didn't see for himself someone would have definitely told him. He's avoiding me. I called him straight away, he brushed me off." she berkata sadly

"Fucker. Fuck him. Wait actually, don't fuck him." he laughed at the double meaning of his comment. He heard her laugh back a little and rested his head back on the sofa he'd been sitting on.

"He hates me." she sighed. She couldn't believe Sebastian was avoiding her, maybe he was embarrassed atau something atau maybe he just didn't know what to say to her, maybe he was angry and hated her for it.

"He's a dick, anda aint done anything wrong babe. anda know that. I know that. He can go fuck himself if he's gonna get angry over this." he argued. He couldn't understand why anyone would blame her for this. She was innocent. So she got taped having sex. It was with her boyfriend of the time, there was nothing wrong with it, she had done nothing wrong as far as he was concerned.

"Leight, your the one that's been wronged here, that bastard trying to make money out of something personal to you. It aint your fault." he tried to convince her.

"I didn't even know he had a copy. It was my camera." she confessed. That was the only reason she had allowed the tape to be made. It was just a bit of fun after the Paris Hilton sex tape had headlined. Her and her then boyfriend decided to have a bit of fun and make a tape of their own. She had reluctantly agreed under the condition that they use her camera and she would keep the only copy. The traitor must have somehow stolen a copy from her computer when she wasn't aware.

"You know people will forget about it eventually, your amazingness completely outweighs this tiny set back." he tried to reason. Jokes aside, she probably felt like shit right now. He knew his teasing didn't hurt her feelings but others would definitely hurt her if they dared to make a sly komentar about it.

"What if it ruins my career?" she whispered, afraid that it had marred her reputation.

"We're on Gossip Girl not Gospel Girl. skandal is our forte, it'll up you're popularity rather than the opposite." he assured her. She agreed, she was lucky that the tampil that made her was filled with sex scandals.

"What about Seb. He's pissed at me, I know it."

"If he says anything hurtful to anda i'll kick his fucking teeth in. I'd like to see him fucking try to blame this shit on you." he snarled through the phone.

"I dont know if I should call him."

"Let him come to you, he should be comforting anda not avoiding you. You'd tell me if he insults you?" he asked protectively.

"I dont know." she berkata sighing sadly. She was grateful for the comfort she was receiving from Ed but it still hurt that her boyfriend wasn't around.

"I've got your back if anyone says anything." she nodded in approval even though she knew he couldn't see her.

"I know" she added quickly hoping that he knew she understood. He would always be there for her.

"Although if I could choose any part of your body to have, it wouldn't be your back." he drawled seductively and she giggled at his innuendo.

"Oh yeah?" she smiled.

"it's quite a tough choice...your legs, your ass, your vagina...your foot!" they both laughed at the reference to the footjob, he was never going to let that one go.

"...your lips," he groaned loudly causing her to blush, "...because being able to ciuman your beautiful lips for the rest of eternity would be like heaven." he paused hoping for her to respond but he was met oleh silence.

She became slightly embarrassed at how honest he was being, she knew he was into her but they had never officially and explicitly talked about it before.

"Your eyes...because I cinta what I see in them."

She let out a breath she was holding wondering if she should interrupt but she couldn't open her mouth.

"But honestly, I dont think I could settle on just one part, i'd have to have all of you. Having all of anda just once would be better than having just one part for eternity because that would just haunt me and be a constant reminder that I never had you, all of you." he confessed, suddenly realising the implication of his sudden outpour.

"Ed..." she breathed clutching at her throat where a sudden lump had formed. She felt the fluttering low in her stomach and the tears threatening to pour from her eyes. Suddenly all she could see was him. All she could smell was him.

"you're alone?" he whispered all of a sudden.

"Yeah," she answered immediately and then paused catching on to where this conversation was leading to, "...are you?" she finished.

"yeah" he responded and she heard him breathe out in relief.

Then there was deafening silence...

They could hear each other breathing in the silence not knowing what to say any more. It was quite comforting she finally admitted to herself, just hearing him listening to her breathe, knowing that he was there, listening.

"I'm coming over." and then he hung up. Maybe because he didn't want her to ask why, atau lebih importantly tell him not to.

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