The carriage became cloaked oleh mist as it rolled further into the bending boughs of the woods. My master was his usual, muttering things such as "This is taking too long," and "I'm bored," under his breath. As though talking to an invisible psychiatrist, his hands flew about as he blubbered incoherent language.

Finally, the carriage stopped at a halt.

"Hmph," Alois complained. "I thought it would be a lot lebih exciting that that."

I looked up and saw the mammoth structure in front of me. "Now why," I asked myself. "would someone chose the middle of a forest as a location for their business?"

"I dunno." Alois shrugged. His hand flying up hit someone behind him, and a grunt of surprise came from it. The figure came out from a sheet of mist, and a thick voice uttered,

"Well, that wasn't very nice."

Sebastian! What in blazes was he doing here?!

Ciel appeared oleh his side, and put on a facial expression similar to Alois'.

"WHAT ARE anda DOING HERE?!" both exclaimed at once.

After a short pause, Ciel began. "We were invited here oleh the owner..."

"Us too."

They looked at each other for a moment in silence, then turned to the door. The place looked lebih like a cathedral than a manor. There was even a spire, but it appeared it had been struck oleh lightning several times, and the spire was black with ash.

Everyone was silent for a while, staring at in disbelief. Ciel and Alois most likely had building up inside them (I'd feel the same way if I were either of them). This building had at least five lebih floors than either of our manors, and looked much lebih imperial than either. A crack of thunder rang out, shattering the trance'like scene. Alois jumped.

"Well," Sebastian said. "Let's go inside, shall we?"