1. Stare at him with wide, fascinated eyes until he asks what’s up, then tell him he would look good in pink.
2. At ungodly hours of the night, vigorously shake him awake screaming, “FIRE! FIRE!!!” Then walk out of the room like nothing happened.
3. 13 menit before his alarm goes off, drag sleeping Tom onto his tempat tidur and then just sit there.
4. Videotape their reaction as they wake up. Post it on YouTube, titling it “Kaulitz Brother Morning Surprise”.
5. Steal his eyeliner. When he asks anda where it is, tell him Georg took it to his room muttering something about voodoo.
6. Lock up his vat of hair gel.
7. Replace his entire wardrobe with disney princess dresses.
8. Hide behind a piece of furniture and ambush him with Silly String. Then walk away as if nothing had occurred.
9. At 3:21 a.m., cut off all his hair and sell it on eBay.
10. Beat him with a bantal every time he says the word “you”.
11. Give him a dirty look all day. When he finally asks anda what’s wrong, complain that some middle-aged guy won the lottery in Florida.
12. Secretly stick a GPS chip on him and sell trackers to his fangirls/boys for $100 apiece.
13. Chuck Gustav’s drumsticks at his head, then quietly murmur that the evil elves made anda do it.
14. Scream “AFLACK!” in his ear at 2:14 a.m. each morning without fail then run away with your arms flailing.
15. Write “NENA PWNS ME” all over his face with laundry marker in the middle of the night.
16. During a silence during dinner, fling a spoon at him and laugh maniacally.
17. Tell him that a mob of fanboys are waiting for him outside the hotel door.
18. As anda enter the room, yell “Look what I found!” and toss a rabid sewer tikus into his lap.
19. Giggle maniacally. When he asks anda what is wrong with you, tell him that in his song “Scream” it sounds like he is saying “squeam”.
20. At ungodly hours of the night, whisper subliminal messages about Georg sneaking into his underwear drawer while he sleeps.