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Jaguars are rare big kucing to see in the wild, and in South American culture, they are renowned for their growls, spots, and in stories, their shapeshifting abilities. That's why we should set aside a hari to celebrate them, with snacks, costumes, and decorations dedicated to them. There should also be someone dressed as a jaguar to do their best jaguar growl to start the off Jaguar Day. In fact, all of the big kucing deserve their own national holidays.
Do anda agree with me, and what hari of the tahun should each of the big kucing get as their national holiday? Let me know in the comments, become a fan of this article, and tell your friends.
Once, there was a girl named Tiffany. She had a powerful jaguar growl. Let me tell anda how she got it. A jaguar named Manchas, meaning spots in Spanish, had come into her life recently, because he believed she was ready for his teachings. He believed she would benefit greatly if the two were part of one another, So one night, while Tiffany was sleeping with Manchas beside her, he unsheathed his sharp claws and scratched her on the throat. Upon his doing so, something freaky happened. Part of Manchas' growl came out of his throat and went into Tiffany's. As it was the middle of the night, Tiffany...
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posted by inboots
Lions are my favorit big kucing because of everything they stand for. Strength, courage, power, expressing yourself. ROAR! The king of the jungle, the lion is called, and for good reason. They are certainly the most majestic of all the big cats. In fact, hairballs coughed up oleh lions are often worn as talismans in Africa. Bet anda didn't know that! And, at puncak, atas speed, lions can run as fast as forty miles an jam That's fast! Lions also can eat the equivalent in meat to 250 hamburgers! I don't know about you, but my stomach would hurt! In my humble opinion, they are also the most interesting of all cats. Lions over All! No animal is lebih grand! Lions Over All! It's why they rule the land! Lions, lions over all! (quoted from Zira's song in the Lion Guard)