I saw an Answer that was asking for the story of Jason/IAmVoldy, and the issues that used to be on this spot, so I wrote this, which explains everything.

Some of anda might remember IAmVoldy from his antics a few months yang lalu on this spot.
Here is the Story:

Okay, so ages ago, BellaBlackL was the only Bellatrix RP on this site. After she'd been gone for a month, Lord-Voldemort and Bellatrix-Black showed up. Apparently, BellaBlackL wasn't gone, so they made an agreement that Bellatrix-Black and BellaBlackL would share RolePlaying as Bellatrix.

Then, BellatrixL and Lord_Voldemort showed up. Of course, the RP trio was unhappy. Around that time was also when IAmVoldy and BellaTheNutcase showed up.

Apparently, IAmVoldy and BellatrixL had been boyfriend and girlfriend, but IAmVoldy dumped her when he saw that she was RPing with
Lord_Voldemort, and accused her of cheating on him. They had a huge fight which is probably still there, on one of the articles.

Either way, BellatrixL and Lord-Voldemort quit and basically left after that.

Anyways, BellaTheNutcase and IAmVoldy wanted to RP as "silly/gay" versions of Bellatrix and Voldemort. None of the original RP ers liked that idea, but BellaTheNutacse and IAmVoldy did it anyway, and even though some people thought they were sort of funny at first, they managed to piss off everyone from this site.

Some of IAmVoldys posts are still left on this site, if anda go back to old dinding posts, answers, picks, etc.

THEN, they started leaving nasty messages on peoples walls.
Finally, Nutcase apologized to everyone and deleted all of her komentar and posts on this site, and agreed to leave. It turned out that she and IAmVoldy were boyfriend and girlfriend in real life. After Nutcase apologized, IAmVoldy went BALLISTIC.

He dumped her online, then totally flipped out.
He started swearing and insulting all the members of the RP group. Nutcase diposting an apology on this spot, and IAmVoldy graffitied it. It's still there if anda want to look at it.

Anyways, BellaTheNutcase was forgiven, but it was too late. A bunch of people from this spot masically threatened to laporan ALL roleplayers unless they left.

They created the Death Eater Roleplay spot, so that they could continue to roleplay in peace.
Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of the whole fiasco.

Even after IAmVoldy's account got deleted, he STILL insisted on making new accounts and coming back. He moved over to the Death Eater Roleplay spot, and left pervy spam komentar there, as well as sending nasty messages to RP ers and spamming their walls.

His various accounts include:
His latest account is "JasonLovesYou" and it is still active, and hasn't been deleted yet. One of the old RPers, JavaJoker, who also roleplayed as Umbridge make a fake account, J-A-S-O-n4EVER to impersonate Jason and try to either figure out who he was atau piss him off. Because of that, She and all of her accounts got deleted. It was so unfair.

Another RPer named Paul came, and he knows Jason in real life. Apparently, Jason ended up RAPING Nutcase, whose name in Bella in RL.

BUT here's the catch:
Jason recently diposting a "Confession" on the Death Eater RP spot, claiming he was really one of us.
We're not sure whether atau not he was one of us all along, atau if he is one of us who just made a fake account to impersonate him like Umbridge/JavaJoker did.
Either way, Jason is the biggest A**hole in the world. DON'T TRUST HIM.
And that's the story.

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