Guys, I am really sorry.

I apologize for annoying, frustrating, offending, and insulting anda guys, and i really mean it. I am DONE RP'ing as BellaTheNutcase.

I owe a really huge apology to everyone that i offended and angered.

I really shouldnt have insulted anda all like that. I admit it all started as a joke, but I promise that I won't do it Anymore.

to the people I insulted, a am sorry, I only did it as a part of my character, but I admit i shouldnt have, and I realize that those rude, insulting, and offensive comments, were completely uncalled for.

I Admit that i made a huge mistake, commenting on your guyses appearance, personal hygiene, etc, and I really hope anda will all accept My apology.

Also, I HUGE thing that i did was i pissed of everybody so badly that the original RP'ers have decided to leave. I disagree. I know that it is all my fault, and i believe that the original RP'ers should stay.
I liked the little RP thing they did, and i know i messed it all up. I am really very sorry.

I think they should stay, and i hope anda all agree.

I am willing to hapus all of my posts and komentar from this spot and all of your walls, but PLEASE, PLEASE let the original RP team stay. I really think that they added a lot to this spot, and they dont deserve for an idiot like me to insult them and make them leave.

Please accept my biggest apologies, and please komentar of this, and most of all, please tell the original RP'ers that they really should stay.

I promise that I, BellaTheNutcase will NEVER RP as a silly Bella on this spot again, and i hope that anda will all find it in your hearts to firgive me, even though I know I don't deserve it.

Thank anda for readint this, please respond.

Also, for people who want the RP'ers (excpet for me) to ssay, not only was there a 78% to 22% majority for anda guys to stay, i also think that anda guys shouldnt leave over 1 atau 2 stupid haters.