To all the Bellatrixes and Voldemorts out there:
There are now 3 of each, in order of appearance, BellaBlackL, Bellatrix-Black, BellatrixL / Lord-Voldemort, Lord_Voldemort, IAmVoldy.

I am purely curious, now that the newcomers know that these roles are already filled, why do anda keep trying to roleplay as them? It confuses people. We have all different, unique voices and it seems a shame that we're trying to mash them all together to be the same character. Why don't anda try other characters? Lucius, Snape, Alecto, etc...?

Also, anda ask why 2 is ok but 3 isn't? It's not the amount, it's the voice. Bellatrix-Black and BellaBlackL message each other, work together and build off each others' komentar to make the RP better and funnier, they have different roles (before Azkaban, after Azkaban.) The problem with adding another is that the balance is thrown off. From what I see of the comments, there is a war between the original Trio of me, BellaBlackL and Bellatrix-Black and the new Duo of BellatrixL and Lord_Voldemort, which makes it hard to RP properly and humourously. Especially with the arrival of a third Voldemort.

Some solutions have been offered:
1.Newcomers should leave
2.Newcomers should go to a different spot
3.Everyone should leave
4.Why can't everyone stay?

As I've stated above and as anda will find in the komentar all over this spot, no one other than the new RPers support everyone staying.

BTW, a "spot" is a fan spot, this is the Bellatrix Lestrange spot.

I do think that the newcomers should choose a different spot atau character, Bellatrix-Black agrees and even says that she will leave if necessary to even out the character count.

I would suggest that we just pair off with one Voldemort and one Bellatrix and go to different spots, but I want to stick with BellaBlackL and Bellatrix-Black, we know each other and we work well together.

I don't know what the newcomers will say to this, but I hope they'll be reasonable and listen to the general opinion of this entire spot, please don't add any lebih Voldemorts atau Bellatrixes, we were fine with 1 and 2.

Quick note before anda comment, this is completely out of character, no roleplaying here, I want to talk to the people behind the computer screens, not the characters being portrayed. I hope we can really resolve this in a way that makes everyone, atau at least the majority, happy.