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Edward and Carlisle in a hospital approx. 107 years ago. Edward dying in the bed. Carlisle walks over.
Carlisle: anda ready?
Edward: For what?
Carlisle takes his wrist and bites him
Carlisle: For the wicked awesome parody!!
Edward yelps and pulls away
Edward: What the fuck! I thought anda were a doctor!!
Carlisle frowns and bites him on the neck, Edward starts flinching in pain, and the screen goes blank. Twilight is born flashes across the screen followed oleh three days later. Edward waking up confused remembers being bitten and sees Carlisle standing over him, Edward frowns gets up, and hits Carlisle...
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this is differnt from the on i have written but i'll fix that later

chapter 1

Bella's POV

liveing with the cullen's isn't all that bad. but when u want to be alone that is impossible to do.alice is awlays knoking on your door and emmett is always trying to get anda to laugh. but other than that it's rather nice. sice edward still cant read my mind i can play tricks on him. but since he changed me i now have his prwoer as well as mine. i can turn invisible. im always playing tricks on my new family. they hate when i do but i just cant seem to help myself. but they still cinta me. i knwo edwards...
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bella angsa, swan
kristen stewart
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