batman batman 30 hari Challenge

MarlenaLovett posted on Aug 08, 2012 at 05:31PM

Day One: First batman comic you read
Day Two: Favorite Batman time period
Day Three: Favorite Batman series
Day Four: Favorite Batman spin off
Day Five: Favorite Batman side kick
Day Six: Least favorite Batman side kick
Day Seven: Favorite side kick all grown up
Day Eight: Favorite Robin
Day Nine: Favorite Batman artist
Day Ten: Favorite Batman writer
Day Eleven: Favorite Batman pairing
Day Twelve: Least favorite Batman pairing
Day Thirteen: Favorite Batman animated series
Day Fourteen: Favorite Batman voice actor (for any character)
Day Fifteen: Favorite Batman video game.
Day Sixteen: Favorite Batman villain
Day Seventeen: Favorite Batman villain pairing
Day Eighteen: Least favorite villain
Day Nineteen: Favorite version of The Joker
Day Twenty: Favorite Batman character of all time
Day Twenty-One: Least favorite Batman character of all time
Day Twenty-Two: Favorite Batman team up
Day Twenty-Three: Favorite Batman villain team up
Day Twenty-Four: Favorite lady in Batman
Day Twenty-Five: Favorite gadget in Batman
Day Twenty-Six: Favorite Batman and/or Bruce Wayne pairing
Day Twenty-Seven: Worst Batman comic you’ve ever read.
Day Twenty-Eight Favorite New 52 Batman Series
Day Twenty-Nine: Favorite actor portraying Batman
Day Thirty: Favorite Batman moment.

Have fun!

batman 30 balasa

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