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 Barbie: Video Game Hero
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It's our craze, you'll be amazed
After visiting this place.

Fans like shafiqua and pinkydoll,
Grab all BM items in the mall.

To watch BMs we're always on the bed,
Yes we are whether 3xZ atau LightningRed.

Barbie movies, says nmdis,
Give us a special kind of bliss.

No Selena, no Shakira,
In this club we're just BM fans, says DelancyKeira.

-Aay_V-, Lena_t;
They say,"For BMs we can do anything."
CleoCorrine, Cynti19
Say," We are the strongest team"

Ishiqa, MyLadyKeira, Sirea
They all praise all Barbies - Keira atau Catania.
They all have watched movie #2
Sure we have, says Asabala2.

'Alexa-tious' fan like coolraks12,...
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