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This was the Swedish voice of barbie dubbed oleh Annika Rynger (2001-2012). She dubbed "barbie in the nutcracker" to "barbie in a mermaid tale 2". Write a komentar if anda think her voice fits Barbie.
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I was thinking that Spy Squad would bintang someone not Barbie. (e.g; Alexa, Mariposa.) But it was announced that it would be Barbie's own adventure. But I'm still not sure cos of Laslo. I thought starlight would too, but I think it's barbie too. Well, let's see what would the new barbie era bring for us.
I think they should quit berwarna merah muda, merah muda and bring in something new. And everytime barbie doesn't have to be someone fashionable. They could bring in someone brainy and highly intelligent now.
barbie Movies' teasers were quite interesting, but I think they should be longer and starlight's teaser was not that good. Anyhow, barbie entertainment rocks!