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 manu962, our May FOTM 2012
manu962, our May FOTM 2012
It is our ungu aka link who becomes May fan of the bulan 2012!!! She has been here since 2009 and has contributed lots of amazing stuffs in barbie Movies. I have the privilege to interview her. Here's the interview of our magnificent Violet.

1. Congratulations for winning May fan of The Month! How does it feel?
Firstly ,Thank anda for voting me ! It feels awesome to be a "fan of the moth" .I didn't expect it .To tell the truth I thought I will never be a "fan of the moth"

2. Tell us lebih about yourself!
I'm a shy girl and I don't have many friends .I do like adventures and trips.I am also interested in science ,ancient world and music.
As for the appearance I have dark brown hair,dark brown eyes and light skin .

3. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Shy ,Adventurous,Daydreamer

4. How did anda found and became interested to Fanpop?
As I remember firstly I was looking for some pics of barbie as the Island princess .I thought this site was good ,but I didn't register .Then when barbie in a Mermaid tale came I searched for some pics of it and I decided to sign up .When I saw that I'm not the only "non child" person that like barbie film ,I felt brave enough to protect my self when my family berkata "Barbie film are for babies". I only know that this spot change a big part of my life ,and made me cinta barbie film even lebih .

5. Which barbie is the most similar to you?
As for personality I think I'm similar to Genevieve atau Elina . As for the appearance I'm mostly similar to Blair from barbie in the 12 Dancing princesses (except that I have brown eyes) atau Viveca.

6. Please daftar your favorit barbie movies.
barbie in the Nutcracker
barbie as Rapunzel
barbie of angsa, swan lake
barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses
barbie and the Diamond kastil, castle
barbie and the Three Musketeers
barbie as the Island Princess

7. What is your favorit _____ and why?
- opening scene
My fav opening scene is barbie in then 12 Dancing Princesses opening scene .The musik and the dancing silhouettes are awesome .

- ending scene
My fav ending scene is the ending scene of barbie and the Three musketeers because I cinta the part when they ride in the sunlight and say"All for one and one for all " is awesome .

- song
My fav songs is Shine .The musik and the text of that song are amazing.

- outfit
My fav outfit is Clara's purple outfit .I just cinta it and I wish I could wear a dress like that .

- hairstyle
My fav hairstyle is Clara's first hairstyle .I know it is used in many other film but it is simple and awesome .

8. Who is your favorite
- Barbie?
My fav barbie character is Clara ,because she is a ballerina ,daydreamer and her personality is a lot like me.

- female sidekick?
Renee,because she is brave ,talented and an archer.

- leading man?
My fav leading man is Dominick ,because he's handsome ,sincere and he has an awesome personality

- villain?
My fav villain is Duchess Rowena ,because she is evil and she can pretend that she's a nice person in a very talented way .

- animal/animal sidekick?
My fav animal is Twyla because she is very helpful and cute .

- couple
My fav couple is Erika and Dominick

9. Do anda prefer:
- Fairy atau mermaid?
I prefer peri

- Magical atau non magical story?
Magic is always welcomed from me .I cinta magical film .They
make me believe in magic .

- Cat atau dog as Barbie’s pet?
I like kucing lebih than anjing .

- Barbie’s sisters atau friends to appear?
Well,family film like Barbie:A Perfect natal don't have adventures and I fell like something is missing in those movies. Here I'm not including barbie in the 12 Dancing princesses .It is wonderful even that it's a family movie . But film with friends like barbie and the Three Musketeers and barbie in a Diamond kastil, castle are awesome .

- barbie LITD atau Toy Story’s Barbie?
I somehow fell barbie from Toy Story isn't the barbie I use to know . Even that I think Toy Story is very good . As about barbie from Life in a Dream House ,I think she's ok .

10. What is your thought about barbie Life in the Dreamhouse?
I think it's awesome and funny .I always wanted a barbie Serie. The only thing I don't like from Life in a Dream House is Barbie's pinkish and very organized life .I know that she's a doll in that movie and I would like to have a barbie Serie where barbie has a real life,I mean a serie where she is a real person not a doll.

 "She's my fav My Scene character"
"She's my fav My Scene character"
11. Have anda ever watched Barbie: My Scene Goes to Hollywood? If yes, what is your comment?
Yes,I watched it and it's awesome .Awesome song and character !But I was disappointed oleh Medison .She's my fav My Scene character .I never thought she could do that .Medison's story sounds somehow like barbie Diarie's story .They both forgot about their best friends .

 "I like the barbie natal film .I think they're awesome..."
"I like the barbie natal film .I think they're awesome..."
12. What do anda think about barbie in natal released movies? Do anda want to see it lebih often?
I like the barbie natal film .I think they're awesome even that I'm a Muslim .Don't think I'm weird because I do something against my religion .I just cinta barbie film !

13. Your opinion about Princess and the Popstar?
I think it's going to be awesome .The plot is good and the character are good too .I think Keira is awesome .I like Tori too . Plus 10 songs !I just can't wait to watch it .And I think I'll buy Keira's transforming doll .

14. What story would anda like to see for barbie movie in 2013?
I would like to see :Pride and Prejudice,Romeo and Juliet atau barbie and the Three Musketeer 2 . If not then I would like to see a fairy movie .Just not a fairy movie like barbie a Fairy Secret .

15. Do anda expect much about new barbie movies?
I'm always optimist from barbie film .The only film that I liked less than the others are barbie :A Fashion Fairy tale and Fairy Secret .After them I think barbie film are getting better .But of course the old barbie film are the best .

16. What do anda think about this spot? Is there anyone in this spot anda are amazed?
I think this spot is awesome .Clubs are always great because anda can gabung people that have the same interest as anda .But sometimes the fights in this spot make me angry .I admit that some fan are a little bit rude to the new ones .They are new to fanpop .They need time to get used of it . There are also some fan that want to spoil everything .They're not barbie film fan at all . I don't want anyone to get angry of my for this komentar .I just berkata what I have in my mind

I admire anda all in the same way .You're all my friends .

17. What is your favorit activity in this spot?
I cinta every activity in this spot .The activities I mostly like are :To post and see/watch foto and video ,to answer the pics ,and to komentar in the wall.

18. Are anda interested in a live-action barbie movie?
Well,I would like to see one .Barbie Live in Fairytopia is totally awesome ! I cinta the songs and everything .

19. Would anda like to change something in barbie movies, and which one?
There are many thing I would've changed ,especially in the new film .But that doesn't mean I don't like them the way they are . 2 days yang lalu I was talking with Ceci aka CleoCorinne about Hadley from barbie in a Princess Charm School .I was thinking that I would be better to see a dancer (especially ballerina) princess instead of a sepakbola princess .The only thing I don't like about Hadley is that she is a sepakbola . And I would like to see less berwarna merah muda, merah muda and sparkle in barbie a Fashion Fairytale and barbie a Fairy Secret .

20. Last question, who is best the barbie voice actress besides Kelly Sheridan?
All the voice aktris of barbie Movie Characters are awesome.But if I have to choose I will choose Kathleen Barr .

And that is the wonderful answer of our awesome Violet. Again, congratulations to Vi!!!

Published on June 20, 2012. And it means it's her 14th birthday! Double celebration for her!!!

"Now let's party!!!"
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