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Which barbie is the most kind hearted?

 anthrifeha posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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yellow_frog said:
It is very hard to choose. I think it would be Clara, Elina, Genevieve, Rosella atau usual barbie from barbie and her sisters movies. The whole message of Clara's movie was that if anda are kind, anything is possible. She spended the whole movie on risking and helping others. Then, in Elina case, all she did in the all four film with her was to help others. She was kind to every person and creature she met. Even in the third movie, when other peri were mean to her, I think she treated them very kindly. Genevieve never berkata a bad word about anything, even though she and her sisters practically started to live Cinderella's life. She treated everyone kindly, especially her sisters, and of course Derek. Rosella always thought about her binatang friends first. She wanted to help when binatang started become sick, and later to help when she discovered the wedding cake was poisoned. She was kind to everyone she met, even though basically everyone except few people were mean to her. And then we have Barbie, who is really just Barbie. Always willing to help, nice to everyone, trying to solve others problems and fulfill other people dreams. Even in the latest movie, when she did something wrong, that's because she was trying to give her sisters best holiday ever.
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posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu 
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