President Barack Obama
I was up this morning at 3:OOam to watch the anuguration of American President Barack Obama. I was eagerly glued to my televisi set and watched in awe the hundreds of thousands of people that turned up in Washington in sub zero temperatures to watch the anuguration of Barack Obama.
I am not an American. I am an Australian, living in Australia. Unless my circumstances changes drastically, President Obama will never be MY president but I am so happy for him - and for America.
The coverage here in Australia was unbelievable!
Every channel screened the anuguation and parade from about 3:OOam right throughout the day. The last time I recall normal programming being stopped on all televisi channels to tampil a world event coverage piece was 11th September, 2001. That was a sad and tragic day. Then we cried with anda (the American people), today we rejoice with you.
The biggest emphasis is on the fact that this is the first African American President. But apart from that, I believe this man is the right man.
I am not a politically inclined person and I would not challenge anyone to a political argument. However, I believe myself to be a sensible and intelligent person. This man strikes me, above all else, as genuine and caring. His 18 menit speech was impeccable and moving. I heard his words ... and I saw his soul. I do not presume that President Obama is going to change the problems of America in a few days with a wave of a wand. I do believe that he will try his hardest to better his country and set an example for other nations.
As Australians we have always admired the Americans, lebih so than any other nation. There seeems to exist an affinity between the two nations that is undisputed. I cinta the American people. I'm not sure why, lol, but I do. I have never been to America and lived amongst them so I have no first hand knowledge, but there is something about Americans that has always attracted me. The American people do not seem to be too concerned with where one comes from but lebih importantly where one is going. They seem to focus on the future rather than the past. My father travelled and lived in many different parts of the world before I was even born. He lived in New York for 3 years in the early 1960s and I remember him always saying that the American people were the nicest and friendliest people he had ever met. I do think that if Dad was here today, he would be very proud of President Obama.
I know that not every American feels elation on this day, that's alright too. anda cannot please everyone all of the time. I was particularly amazed at the cinta that seemed to come from the people that lined the streets toward President Obama. I cannot recall ever seeing that kind of a reaction toward any other political figure. Were they just cheering in total reverence because he is a black man? Maybe in part, yes. But I think the bigger picture is that the people believe he will make America a better and stronger nation than it is today.
To me personally, President Obama represents hope.
Not just for the United States but for all the world.The world as a whole is not at its best at the moment. Obstacles have to be overcome, tampilan changed, peace re-instated - somewhat.
This gentleman is the light at the end of a very dimmed tunnel and I believe with time President Obama will shine and prove that he is not just a man of mere, impressive words.
Congratulations, Mr President!
President Obama with his wife Michelle and daughters, Malia Ann and Natasha.