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posted by Hellowittykitty
Wassup my croaky crickets! My name's Zoe aka Hellowittykitty and I'm going to tell anda what I think about the hit Touhou song, bad apple! Heh, lebih like bad pantat, keledai apple! It's amazing! My favorit character is Flandre Scarlet, the vampire girl with a slight emotional instability who has susah dipercaya power! To be honest, I wonder why they made her do that crooked smile thing in the musik box video, and why does she have lighted pelangi wings, (or whatever the frack their called! I dunno!) So anyways, touhou had a awesome song that really went well with the 3rd installment of the the Touhou shooting...
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This is a really cool English version of Bad apel, apple that this amazing girl made. Not mine, please enjoy~!
apel, apple