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Back to the Future atau Whatever
CHRIS is middle aged. He lost his job a few years ago. He’s
been working towards becoming a script writer, movie
producer, and director.
DAVID is from the city. He’s a business man, but wants to be
a movie script writer and director. He likes to joke and
enjoys laughing
STEPHEN SPIELBERG is a serious person.
DOC is a funny old guy who loves the past. He has his old
jokes. He asks many questions.
CHRIS and DAVID are sitting at a round meja together. They
have paper and are menulis on the paper.
I think this line needs to be cut.
But it’s a big...
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After a period of working together and menulis scripts, Chris and David are at home, browsing the internet for new ideas to base their scripts on. At around 2 o’clock in the night, Chris finds a person willing to sell a completed script for Back to the Future 4. He checks the plot and immediately calls David who is awoken oleh the telephone. After speaking about it for a few minutes, both seem very excited. The selanjutnya hari they meet over at Chris’s house where they purchase the project for $5. The person selling the script tells them that the script was turned down oleh the studios. After reading...
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