hey there, Avril Lavigne readers. I’ll be talking about a new Avril Lavigne album for selanjutnya year. As anda may know that 2010s is a very difficult decade for Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne making new musik still only have bratty songs and Japan. America hates Avril Lavigne like Girlfriend. fan still only like Let Go/Under My Skin and Avril Lavigne is huge in the public still only have Let Go era/Girlfriend. Arista is gone. Sony musik is moving away from Avril Lavigne and only wants big names and RCA like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus respectively. RCA/Epic Records ruined Avril Lavigne songs after 2002. Even digital age/internet doesn't help either. Bratty songs ruined Avril Lavigne singles. Why Avril Lavigne lead singles that isn’t bratty only have Don’t Tell Me? Don’t Tell Me would've been a perfect lead single for Under My Skin because Don’t Tell Me is not a bratty song. But no, RCA prevents Don’t Tell Me to peak at number 1 on any Billboard chart in 2004. I’ll tell anda why Sony musik is destroying Avril Lavigne. Let me guess, 2004. That’s right, 2004 is where Sony musik is moving away from Avril Lavigne causing Sony musik to moved on to big names like Justin Timberlake and RCA like Kelly Clarkson forcing her detik album Under My Skin to unable to be shown in the musik public in 2004, not Girlfriend. Now let’s talk about why 2004 is one the weaker years for Avril Lavigne.

Under My Skin is where RCA controls Arista’s Avril Lavigne’s market over Arista and Avril Lavigne in 2004 causing Under My Skin to be poorly marketed. Under My Skin was originally made oleh Arista Records in 2003-2004. It was going to be an epic Avril Lavigne album because it was her detik album and her album that fan loved in 2004, and it showed that Avril Lavigne wanted to break away from bratty songs that plagued Complicated and Skater Boy and even Losing Grip during the Let Go era.

It would've been perfect, coming off of Let Go during 2002. Shirts that berkata "No Bratty Songs. Yes Mature Songs." were worn oleh Arista during production in 2003. This was shaping up to be Avril Lavigne’s most ambitious album yet. Something Avril Lavigne would've made. What happened? Well, Arista and Avril Lavigne was dictated oleh RCA and Sony Music’s executives. RCA manufactured the album causing Arista unable to manufacture the album on its own, and Under My Skin turned out to be a mess. It couldn't appeal to musik public in 2004. It was perceived as too explicit for kids (even though this happened in Don’t Tell Me and My Happy Ending), her singles which are better than her 2007-present bratty singles did horrible compared to her Let Go singles and feels lebih like a post 2002 album rather than a sophomore Avril Lavigne album because the album wasn't mature enough for people in 2004. Worse, 2004 musik hates Under My Skin and 2004 musik only likes other 2004 musik like Lean Back. Overall, Under My Skin was a big mess. Even with positive reviews from the critics, Under my Skin paled along with The Best Damn Thing/Goodbye Lullaby/2013 Avril Lavigne album compared to Let Go. Even the success of Under My Skin and fan loved the album couldn't saved the album’s public during 2004. Worse, He Wasn’t did not release a musik video in 2005 in the US. That’s why the Let Go era and Girlfriend is better than Under My Skin. OK, let’s continue.

I understand why musik listeners are very proud of other artists that are better than Avril Lavigne like Taylor cepat, swift based on the works for the general public and majors A-List artists like Katy Perry because unlike Avril Lavigne, other artists are not spoiled brat and treat their musik very well. Avril Lavigne doesn't. That’s why other artists are doing better than Avril Lavigne even in the mid to late 2000s. That’s why her public image is a spoiled brat. Bu the problem is that Avril Lavigne is shy, not a spoiled brat. The reason she makes bratty songs is that she is shy, not a spoiled brat. So unfortunately, they never realize how many songs which are better than today’s populer musik like Miley Cyrus are usually banned and aren't considered as singles, that is why people haven't got noticed other amazing songs out of every single album from 2004-today which includes Slipped Away and Fall To Pieces from Under My Skin; Innocence, One Of Those Girls, Contagious, Runaway from The Best Damn Thing; Darlin, Remember When, Not Enough from Goodbye Lullaby; Give anda What anda Like, Falling Fast, 17 from her fifth album. All we could blame is the label they made bad single decision to the singles. Yet, other artists like Sia has been free to choose what the singles that the artists exactly wants. It looks like Sony musik will have to forget about Avril Lavigne and only wants big names and RCA. Universal Records did that and so does EMI Records. Why Avril Lavigne won’t so the same thing? I mean, Sony musik needs to stop marketing big names and RCA and market Sony musik in general like Arista and Carrie Underwood.

Don't ever say Avril Lavigne menulis in worse coz I'm sure she's been skilled, just listening to Remember When, Darlin, Stop Standing There, Falling Fast, those single-worthy tracks. However, her label just screw all of them, it doesn't mean those songs not existed.

For the materials wrote for other pop singers, I know Sia is professional at it, at the same time, I believe Avril Lavigne could handle that job perfectly. The production idea of How anda Remind Me was from Avril Lavigne. A person could think of that way to recreate a song to be such matched with the vibe itself and surprising, not got to the negative to the job. Remember, Avril Lavigne just doesn't want to write songs for others, it doesn't mean that she can't. That’s what Taylor cepat, swift is for. When she promise to do that, it usually turns out great as Alice and Keep Holding On.

So I was thinking, instead of making lebih bratty singles, what if Avril Lavigne's singles on the selanjutnya album only have bratty-less singles and not making selanjutnya album's bratty singles. anda know something? That's a great idea. Avril Lavigne can make an album without bratty songs. But the singles has to be songs that aren't bratty and not considered singles. Yeah, that would be good. All Avril Lavigne has to do now is to release a non-bratty song that ins't a single and marketed as a single without Epic promoting it and have the single that isn't a single and lacked a bratty single in it to sell very well and might even played well on the radio. It will also have the ability to become her number 1 single comeback because that Avril Lavigne single has to be a number 1 single. If Avril Lavigne can make a mature rock song and it needs a crossover for pop radio, have Max Martin produce it so that way her rock single will be crossover friendly for radio and have that crossover single to be her number 1 single. Let's hope the selanjutnya album has to not include bratty songs and only have bratty songs-less songs. That way, her selanjutnya album will only have bratty songs-less song no less.

What I wish would happen: Avril Lavigne finally gets full creative control after moving to a new label. She continues in the direction started with her last year’s album: lebih self-written introspective songs and indie rock jams, along with some fresh new sounds for her. lebih rock and less pop, lebih mature and less bratty, lebih adult contemporary than desperate teen pop. No bratty songs and it has to be number 1 singles. All 5 of her singles do well, her album sells millions, and best of all, she gets real critical respect. Critics are impressed oleh her growth and artistry, and she FINALLY earns her first Grammy award. This flawless 6th album paves the way for a strong career that includes lebih lauded and populer albums that continue to tampil what she's really capable of - musically, vocally, and in terms of songwriting. (Also, she learns how to put on a better konser consistently: Not just singles, lebih album tracks, changing up how she plays songs, and better crowd interaction.) One lebih thing, it has to be a rock album and it better have artist collaborations like Demi Lovato. No lebih bratty songs and bring back Max Martin. Have Max Martin worked with Avril Lavigne a bit for her rock singles that needs crossover for pop radio. The songs has to be different experiments of punk rock musik with emotions and good storytelling.

Anyway, without bratty songs, it can save Avril Lavigne’s medium. Since general public will never want to accept Avril Lavigne making bratty songs again forcing her today’s bratty songs unable to compete against mainstream populars like Britney Spears and electronic techno pop, now is the time for Avril Lavigne to pindah away from bratty songs and pindah to a lebih mature route.

I mean, well, it seems that anyone that says Avril Lavigne hasn't evolved since Let Go, that she shows no maturity, and that her lyrics are vapid and meaningless obviously has no clue what they're talking about. Even with the success of Under My Skin in 2004, Sony musik is getting tired of Avril Lavigne and she does musik her own way. This happens the same way Spice Girls did back in the 90s. Like Avril Lavigne, Spice Girls was not populer in the public and only appeal decade musik tastes. While Spice Girls only appeal 90s music, Avril Lavigne wasn’t populer after the Let Go era despite fan loved Under My Skin and Girlfriend is her number 1 single of 2007. I guess musik only wants big name populars like Britney Spears and today’s musik like Justin Bieber and forget Spice Girls and Avril Lavigne. Worse, musik public refuse to market Spice Girls, Avril Lavigne atau even country musik like Luke Byran in the musik public. Even with internet, America musik only wants America populars like berwarna merah muda, merah muda and Kelly Clarkson as well as mainstream populars like One Direction. That’s why America musik does not care about Spice Girls/Avril Lavinge/country music. America musik only wants mainstream populars like Rihanna. The only way is inventions. So anda can't judge an artist atau an album based just on the singles atau the image of the artist. If these people ACTUALLY listened to Avril Lavigne's music, it would be obvious that she's evolved a lot and that she has plenty of very mature songs. Goodbye Lullaby is almost all mature introspective songs, and her fifth album has its fair share of songs that demonstrate her musical and artistic growth. If Arista is still around then there’s no need for RCA/Epic Records to bother Avril Lavigne.

I mean, why did RCA and Epic coerce Avril Lavigne to go back into the studio for "hit material" when they had no intentions of giving her adequate promo in the first place? Why did RCA and Epic coerce her to go back into the studio for "hit material" when they had no intentions of giving her adequate promo in the first place for her 2004-2011 era singles and modern era singles respectively? The thought of it scares me.

Worse, because after her first album album she switched to RCA when her detik album was released in 2004 before RCA forced her to switch to water-down pop songs.

Her authenticity was already mocked during her first era, where she was bashed in rock circles for being a poser after Skater Boy and Complicated’s releases. This was in 2002/2003 when rock was ruling at pop, and most fan of the genre were rather bourgeois. Good thing I’m With anda saves the say during natal 2002 and thus, Complicated, Skater Boy and I’m With anda works perfectly as the 2002 singles unlike her 2004-present singles like My Happy Ending (despite My Happy Ending is her number 1 single of 2004) and What The Hell. Heck, even Girlfriend works well too as a 2007 Avril Lavigne singles unlike fan hated Girlfriend. So I’ll take Complicated, Skater Boy, I’m With anda and Girlfriend over 2004-present singles like Nobody’s Home, Smile and Hello Kitty any day.

That’s why first album felt lebih true, but after it, it was difficult to take her seriously in 2004 despite the detik album felt lebih true because she didn't seem to. So the massive talent that is Avril Lavigne has been viewed as a joke oleh some for a menit since 2004 thanks to RCA for ruining her 2004 album alongside Girlfriend lost her fans.

So what I think is that Avril Lavigne would be lebih successful and respected - particularly with her last two albums - if the singles had actually represented the records as a whole. Avril Lavigne's musik is a lot better than some misguidedly bratty singles would suggest. It annoys me how most of Avril Lavigne's haters don't even know her music. Plus, Avril Lavigne was lebih into her long career than breaking records. So Avril Lavigne fits very nicely as a long running career. The same applies to other artists like eminem and Rihanna.

So have Avril Lavigne to make a song from the selanjutnya album that isn't bratty and single and released it to the radio and digital shops as a single without Epic Records promoting it. Epic Records can get the job well done because Epic Records doesn't promote the singles atau albums. This could be at a risk because labels hates Epic Records and only prefer other labels like RCA. I want Avril Lavigne to take a risk on a single that is not suppose to be a single and have a so-called non-bratty single to be a lead single on her selanjutnya album. Have that single released on the public radio quietly. beyonce did that on her visual album back in December. So Avril Lavigne will have to get her number 1 successes back. fan are believing her and she has to get be positive publicity back. Have all her singles not bratty and not really singles but rather her songs that are not singles. The selanjutnya album's lead single doesn't have a bratty song formula and it might save her musik industry. This will have the potential to debut at number 1 on ITunes and sold like say 300k-400k digital copies and make that single a big success. This will allow Avril Lavigne to try something new each time instead of making copy an paste bratty singles non-stop. This has to be a success and it has to her first number 1 lead single since 2007's Girlfriend.

So Avril Lavigne will have to put away her spoiled brat image, her bratty singles are packed and Girlfriend were put away. Bratty songs are now a thing in the past for Avril Lavigne. With a great mature image, her selanjutnya album will become a new success and Avril Lavigne will reinvent herself as a designated punk rock song-writer. That would be awesome. So are anda excited for a new Avril Lavigne album that doesn't have any bratty songs? Are anda happy for Avril Lavigne to stop making her bratty songs and try something new each time? Sound off below!