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This avatar the legend of korra fan art contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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It was cold and rather dark. Her body still ached and pulsed all over. She tugged the blanket over her body. It was a thin flimsy thing. Kuvira shivered. She squeezed her eyes shut. She was alone, and completely so.


She felt another pulse of pain shoot over her stomach and over her sides. She turned to lay on her back, her thoughts shifting from the physical pain to tortured memories and agonized thoughts. She had ruined her engagement, her ties to Su, the rest of the ‘family’, and her future, among other things.

Perhaps she should have quit while she was ahead.

Perhaps she should...
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So quite a few people here seemed to hate season 4 episode 8. Whilst I agree that it wasn't the best, Bryke gave us a pretty good reason for that on their offical tumblr;

In a couple hours the eighth chapter of Korra Book 4 will be released online, and I suppose, if anda are none the wiser, a few menit into it anda will feel duped and yell at your screen, “Hey! This is a crummy clips episode!” And that is (almost) exactly what it is––except we all worked really hard to make sure at the very least it isn’t crummy. I’m here to explain why we ended up having to do one. Sometime around...
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So I seem to have one of these for all of my favorit characters, and yet I haven't made one for these two. So I decided to type one up.


As always I will clear out the shallow reason first. Like many others I can very well appreciate physical beauty. To be rather honest, usually I start to appreciate my favorit character's physical appearance after they become my favorite. But with Kuvira, this was not the case. She just has such a beautiful and elegant face but all at once there is this sort of toughness to it. And she doesn't even really wear make up. I cinta her eye shape loads and...
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If anda are a avatar fan, this is a MUST see..
legend of korra
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I have a very hard time liking Korra. I find her to be stubborn, selfish, irrational, overly aggressive, pigheaded, immature, and obstinate. This daftar of adjectives can keep going, but I digress.

When LOK started, I was somewhat excited for a female avatar; my feminist side was all for a powerful female lead that would lead the avatar world to a time of peace. However, to my dismay, Korra was a strong and powerful character, but her other characteristics and personality flaws overthrew her potential as a character.

In Book 1, Korra basically does whatever the hell she wants because "she is...
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