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Sixteen years have passed since the death of Aang, and the birth of Kaya. Kaya has grown into a beautiful adolescent; and a skillful waterbender, thanks for her mother Katara and her grandfather Pakku. She also learned a few warrior techniques from her uncle Sokka and aunt Suki. She was blessed with kindness, and wisdom(for her name ment that).
"Kaya, could anda please take this melati teh to Iroh?" asked Katara.
"Sure mother." responded Kaya.
Kaya took the tea, making sure it's warm enough, and went to the tent were Iroh was.
"And make sure not to disturb him much! He is very ill!" added Katara....
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Kaya was working on her waterbending and earthbending skills very hard. Always trying to make it perfect, no flaws. She began to get tense about it.
"Kaya, anda need to relax!" suggested Katara. "You're akting like your father when we were preparing for the invasion!"
"Ah yes!" replied Sokka. "He was so tense that he started to have weird dreams and stuff!"
"But dad didn't have to deal with bending proof weapons!" replied Kaya.
Kaya earthbended the rock to pindah forward, but it went the other way. She groaned. Katara held Kaya's hands.
"My saran to anda is to relax." replied Katara.
"I guess...
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"PUSH!!!" yelled Suki.
Katara was dripping in sweat from the awful pain that she felt. Her husband, Aang, was fighting against a group of people at the earth kingdom with Sokka and Zuko, and could not participate in the birth of his child.
"PUSH!!!" yelled Suki once more.
Mai was with them too, watching Katara giving birth to her child. At last, a faint cry is heard from the distance, and everyone from the Southern Water Tribe knew that the child of Aang and Katara was born.
"It's a girl." whispered Suki to Katara. "What are anda going to name her?"
Katara held her little infant and gazed upon...
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Appa soared through the skies; Kaya and Miko were up on front, while the rest were at the back.
"He's gotta be here somewhere." Miko mumbled.
"Miko, he could be anywhere!" exclaimed Kaya.
"Maybe we should land, and find the man oleh foot." Lee suggested. "It'll be much easier."
Kaya and Miko gave each other thoughtful looks.
"You're right." Kaya agreed. "We should land."
Soon, Appa land safely at an Earth Kingdom village; the gang got off from the bison, and searched for the old merchant.
The kids asked almost every person on the Earth Kingdom village, but no one knew him.
It was almost sun down, and...
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Kaya sat on her sleeping bag inside her tent, when Iro came in.
"Hey," he greeted.
"Hey." Kaya greeted back, with a soft smile.
"Hey, um...since Miko traded your kalung away, I...I made anda a new one." he explained.
He showed Kaya the kalung he made.
Kaya looked at it; it was made of banteng, bison bulu and had a poorly made, crooked, Water Tribe insignia on it made of old pohon bark.
Kaya smiled and gently grabbed the necklace.
"Thank you, Iro." she thanked him. "It kind of looks like a real bethoral necklace..."
Kaya glanced at him, and saw Iro face turn bright red and his eyes grew wide.
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AVATAR: The Legend Continues**SPECIAL**: The Haunted Summer House

It was a hot summer hari at the api Nation palace; a servant was setting a tray of melati teh down a coffee table.
"Thank you, Yin." Firelord Zuko thanked her.
"Your welcome, api Lord." replied Yin and left the livingroom.
Zuko sipped some teh and glanced at Katara; she looked at the ground, with a sad look.
"It's him, isn't it?" asked Zuko.
"It's been eight years already." Katara sighed. "Everytime I think about it...it just makes me want to give up."
"Don't, Katara." reassured Zuko. "Don't give up, if anda do, you'll leave...
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Kaya was petting Momo on its belly when she saw her cousin, Miko, pass oleh with a crossed look on his face.
"Miko, what's wrong?" she asked.
Miko just grumbled and threw himself towards his sleeping bag that was on the ground.
"It's Yuki!" he cried.
"Who?" asked Lee, laying his back against an old log.
"That girl I met at the Market Place." Miko explained.
"Oh." Lee replied.
"I don't get her! First she wants to go out with me, then she tells me to take a hike!" complained Miko.
"Maybe she has a boyfriend!" Lin pointed out, as she sat oleh Hiru, wrapping her arms around his.
"Nah. I asked her,...
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"What?! Ten silver pieces for a bag of apples?!" shouted Suka to the merchant.
"Look, we're having hard times here since The Conquerors invaded the Earth Kingdom! Take it atau leave it!" snapped the merchant.
"Ugh!" grunted Suka. "Just because The Conquerors are taking over, doesn't mean the prices should go up!"
"Look, do anda want it atau not?!" snapped the merchant.
"Not with that attitude!" Suka snapped back.
"Look, it ain't pre-school here! It's the real deal!" yelled the merchant. "Now do anda want those stickin' apples atau not!?"
"Hmph! I rather get captured oleh the Conqueors, and be forced...
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"You sure you're okay?" asked Miko to Azula.
"Yes, I'm fine." answered Azula. "Please, don't worry!"
"But anda were screaming at nothing!" exclaimed Miko. "Are anda sure you're okay?"
"I berkata I'm fine!" Azula spoke sternly.
Miko backed away.
"I mean, please don't worry about me." berkata Azula lebih calmly. "I'm fine."
Azula smiled. Miko gave the gang a frightened look, but Kaya gave an encouraging look to him.
"Okay..." Miko finally spoke. "Whatever anda say."
Miko walked away and went oleh Kaya.
"She scares me!" he whispered.
"Don't worry, she's probably having a rough time!" Kaya whispered back....
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The sunlight shined upon Miko's sleeping face. He opened his eyes and streched as he sat up straight. He yawned and smelled the fresh morning air.
"Ah, what a beautiful day!" exclaimed Miko.
A sleeping bag hit Miko in the stomach and pushed him backwards.
"Yeah, yeah, now help us pack will ya?" asked Suka to Miko.
Miko grumbled as he got up holding the sleeping bag. He noticed Kaya and Hiru practicing Earthbending.
"How come they don't get to help us pack?" whined Miko.
"Because Kaya needs to learn Earthbending in order to defeat the Conquerors, remember?" explained Suka to Miko.
"Oh so we...
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"I think we lost them, Mistress." mentioned a Conqueror soldier.
"I KNOW THAT!!!" yelled Ming.
"I'm sorry, Mistress." the soldier apologized.
"No, I'm sorry." Ming sighed. "I really shouldn't have yelled at anda like that."
The soldier bowed towards her. Ming raised her hand in protest.
"Please, Jo. No need!" Ming laughed.
"Well, anda are the leader, Mistress." replied Jo. "You should be treated as such."
"Look, I'm just a person like all of you." replied Ming. "And stop calling me Mistress! Just call me Ming."
"My apologies, Mis--I mean, Ming." Jo apologized.
Ming smiled and walked away.
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"Yep, we lost them." assured Miko.
"Oh no!" gasped Lin.
"Hiru and Kaya are out there! Alone!" yelled Iro. "They're probably talking to each other."
"What's wrong with the two of them talking to each other?" asked Lee.
"What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG?? Everything will be wrong! The whole world will crash and brun to ashes!!" exclaimed Iro.
Iro stared to pace back and forth.
"If that Earthbender ever lay a finger on her! I'll...I'll...I'LL TEAR HIM APART!!!" growled Iro as api bursts from his hands.
"Calm down, Mr. Jealousy!" berkata Miko sarcastically. "They're probably worried about finding us!"...
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"This is not going to work!" whispered Suka. "We're going to get caught, I know it!"
"Stop thinking negative, Suka!" scolded Kaya. "This is going to work!"
"Yeah, sure!"
Kaya went up to the bar door, and looked at both sides of the hallway.
"All clear!" whispered Kaya.
"Good!" Hiru whispered back.
He went up towards the bar door selanjutnya to Kaya, he already got his bending back, so he placed his hands on the metal bars and expanded it open.
He motioned the others to come. Soon Kaya, Iro, Miko, Suka, Lee, Lin, and the other prisoners went out the bar doors. Hiru was the last to get out and closed...
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"Kaya, how long have we been flying?" asked Miko for the ten billionth time.
Kaya yawned and rubbed her eyes.
"Two days." Kaya breathed.
"And when are we going to land?" Miko asked again.
"I don't know." Kaya yawned.
"You see, Kaya," began Miko. "if we don't land, we'll never find Ming and The Conquerors; and if we don't find Ming and her minions, the world will be doomed; and if the world's doomed, we're doomed; and if we're doomed--"
"I know! I know, Miko!" interuppted Kaya. "But I just can't find a place to land! It's not that easy!"
"I found a place to land!" shouted Lin, pointing at the...
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Katara paced back and forth, a hint of preocupation showed in her eyes.
"Will anda stop worring so much?!" Toph asked for the millionth time. "Everything will be alright!"
"Well that's cause your child isn't fighting with a maniac woman trying to conquer the world!" Katara snapped.
"Don't worry Katara! Kaya is the Avatar, she can handle this!" berkata Hiru calmly.
"Yeah, that's what Sokka berkata when Aang was around! AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!!!" barked Katara.
"Jeez Katara, your sounding like an old wrinkly woman!" mentioned Toph picking her toes.
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Firelord Zuko stood at the edge of his ship, gazing at the seas in a deep reverie. Kaya slowly walked up to him and interupted his thoughts.
"Um, Firelord? Sorry to bother anda but...you were there when my father died right?" she asked.
Zuko's eyes were soon heavy with dissapointment.
"Yes, I was there..." he responded in a low voice. "Why anda ask?"
"I always wanted to know how my father died...and I'm afraid to end up the same way he did." she answered in a grave tone.
"I have a strong feeling that anda wont," began Firelord Zuko. "But if anda insist, then I guess I should tell you..."
His mind...
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Ming stood in the same position, her arm twisted behing her back, and the pisau touching her neck. Kaya was running towards them. Just as Kaya caught up with them, Ming clawed on Iro's neck with her free hand, her nails dug in his skin. Iro yelled and let go of the pisau and her arm that was behing her back. Ming quickly grabbed the kinfe and stabbed Iro on the arm peeling off his skin. Iro cried and dropped down on his knees.
He placed his hand on his injured arm. Blood dripped from his arm to the sandy ground. Kaya gasped and waterbended the water from the ocean near oleh and splashed the water...
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Katara slowly opened her eyes. She felt less weak than before. When she fully opened her eyes, she found herself in a different place. She was in a big, dark, red room. With torches surrounding it.
"W-where am I?" she asked herself.
She later noticed she was in chains. She tried to break free, but she couldn't! Her arms and legs were chained to the wall.
"Let me out!" she shouted.
"It's no use!" cried a familiar voice.
Katara looked around to see who it was. When she looked on her left side, she found a wooden box where the familiar voice was coming from.
"Toph?" she called.
"No, it's The Blue...
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In a near oleh pond, Katara and her pupil Kaya were finishing the final Waterbending test. Katara bends a massive water towards her pupil, but Kaya bends the water back towards Katara. As the water came near her, Katara bended it into two and made it look like whips. Katara flashes her whip like water towards Kaya, Kaya bended the whip into a water ball which later froze it into a water spike and threw it towards Katara. But Katara bended the ice into water once lebih and bended it into an octopus like shape. Katara bended one of the water legs towards Kaya, but Kaya bended it into a wave and...
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Kaya placed the warm teh cup in the ground and sat down, as the rest of the group tasted its deliciousness.
"Wow Kaya! I'm impressed!" remmarked Katara. "Iroh must have taught anda well in making tea!"
"He did!" replied Kaya. "He taught me everything I know!"
"Not only you're the master of all four elements, you're a master at teh too!" joked Miko.
"Thank anda but, I'm not a master yet, I still need to master Earth, and Fire!" komentar Kaya. "Not to mention Air!"
"But how are anda going to master Air if there aren't any airbenders left?" asked Miko.
"Yeah, the last one was your father, and he...
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