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This Avatar: The Last Airbender fan art might contain kol merah, kubis merah, sel embrio, and sel formatif.

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 Ty Lee
Ty Lee
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"At least I'm different now. 'Circus freak' is a compliment!"
— Ty Lee in The Beach


Ty Lee is a cheerful and energetic teenaged girl, hailing from the api Nation. The daughter of a nobleman, she attended the Royal api Academy for Girls with her longtime friends Princess Azula and Mai. As a child, she dealt with six sisters that shared an identical appearance to her, which caused a loss of individuality, a longing to be a distinct, recognizable person, and a desire for...
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I finished the series a while ago, and while I truly cinta Avatar, I did have some problems with the ending, and I decided to write an artikel about them. Here they are:

To begin with, I’ll say the thing that we all hated: Zukos’ line in the final episode “Where is my mother?” anda NEVER end a series with a cliffhanger, unless you’re planning to make a sequel that doesn’t begin 70 years later.

My selanjutnya problem is lebih of an opinion. When Zuko first joined their group, Katara hated him because she associated her mothers’ death with him. When Zuko helps her ‘avenge’ her, they start...
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We all have seen how Avatar: The Last Airbender and how it ended. But What happend after words? What happened to the beautiful Princess Azula? This is her story of what happened after she was went to the crazy house. She was sitting in the crazy house, when she heard a crash, it was her father.

"Father" berkata Azula

"Your a faulire and will suffer, but first I'm taking anda with me" berkata Ozai

"The Princess isn't going anywhere with you" berkata a guard

"Silence mortal" berkata Ozai as he zapped the guard.

"How did anda do that" asked Azula

"I'll tell anda later, now come with me anda worthless good for nothing"...
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So I've been really into travel lately and dreaming of places I'd cinta to see. And then I got to thinking about what places some of my favorit characters might like to go to. So I thought I'd just consider where all of the avatar characters might go to if they lived in our world.
Aang: I can see him liking Thailand. For me it's a very beautiful place that's just alive with all of the elements. I can see him enjoying a view like this;

That and Thailand has some very elegant temples that I think Aang would be fond of if he was in our world.

The Neatherlands would...
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Source: princessazula on tumblr (who couldn't find the original artist)
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Azula gazed into the flickering flame of the candle; it was the only light in the room. She sought comfort in it. The way it danced on the wick had a calming effect.




A slow and drawling sway.

Azula closed her eyes and let the smell of smoke—tainted with berry—tickle her nose. One breath after another. Slow. Steady.

She opened them once more. She flicked her finger in the direction of the flame, it dimmed to a shade of familiar blue and sputtered. She flicked her finger again setting the flame a flutter. She rested her arms upon the table, and her head upon her arms.

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