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This Avatar: The Last Airbender fan art might contain kol merah, kubis merah, sel embrio, and sel formatif.

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Set up like the last two, here's an artikel about five songs I think relate to Azula and why. Songs aren't in any particular order.

1. Dysfunctional Family oleh Cinema Bizarre: I'm a threat to myself I'm a get Armageddon I'm a freak I'm a liar I'm a flirt I deny that I'm no good then I mess It up This song basically reminds me of post-comet Azula. After a certain point she did become a threat to herself; I mean she'd do things like jumping off of Appa from a large height that very well could have killed her if Aang didn't intercept. And the liar thing is pretty self-evident. I mean it was quoted...
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So after a long while I decided I'd make an artikel discussing my general take on a few of the most common reasons users say they hate Kataang. Before getting into any of that I'm not trying to get anyone to change their opinion nor am I trying to stir anything up. But feel free to debat and give your own opinions.

So the first thing I see a lot is;
Aang is way too old for Katara.

I personally believe that Aang is only 12; he is physically and mentally so. This would make him only 2 years younger than Katara. Whereas Zuko is about 17 making him 3 years older than Katara. So really if anyone...
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This is my first artikel here! Anyway, enjoy!

11) Ty Lee

Sorry for putting her so low, she's really cute, but I find her beauty too childlike and boring. She can look really ugly in many shots. I don't like her face so much (she hasn't got lips!) and her hair is ok, but nothing really special. Her body though, is very sexy and fit.

10) Mai

I find Mai to be pretty, but there are some things on her that I don't like. Her face is too long and her eyes are too small. Her long, black silky hair is just gorgeous. About her body, I guess it's fine.

9) Ursa

She's very elegant and beautiful....
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Watch it quick if anda haven't seen it yet! It won't stay on youtube for long.
episode 14
part 1
the last airbender
boiling rock
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the last airbender