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 Did anda Know?
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avatar the last airbender
did anda know?
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This Avatar: The Last Airbender foto contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun. There might also be tanda, poster, teks, papan tulis, koran, kertas, majalah, tabloid, kain, and rag.

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the last airbender
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Ayla's POV

We were flying away from the air temple and Aang and I were

sad I hadn't Spoken for two days then " Im going to ride the

giant Kyoshi ikan at Kyoshi Island" Aang said.

" What!" I almost straggled him but Katara and Sokka both had

to hold me back. " Are anda crazy! Aang anda anda ahhh!"

" What" he laughed " I want to try something fun" I was so mad I

pouted Aang was going to get it I swear he is and I'm not going

to do anything. We landed on Kyoshi Island and Aang went right

into the water a rode to Kyoshi ikan I sat down in the sun then I

went into the water knee deep and just moved the...
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Chapter 7: SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay…..all we did was sat there. Literally. No talking. No moving. No nothing. I was tempted to yell out, “AKWARD TURTLE!!!!” But guess what?!?!? I didn’t. The tension just kept growing and all my family could do was stare. My mom began to cry (Man she’s emotional) and my brother started to twiddle with his thumbs. Finally Sam got up and broke the misty silence in the room.
“Okay. First of all, of your gonna actually live in this 21st century, here’s the truth. anda dudes look like morons.” She said.
“EXCUSE ME!?!?” Toph berkata staring...
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right so basically we are staring from the point aang and katara kiss............

"Come with me, Katara," Aang whispered to Katara. Ktara looked blank and confused when she replied, " Go? Go where?". Aang smiled and grabbed her hand dragging her back to where Sokka, Sukie and Toph stood. "Guys, i think we shoud go on another trip, this time a funner one, this time maybe we can really see it and not be hiding," Aang didnt understand he thought everyone would be happy but instead they just looked at the groud, eventually Katara said," Aang, we cant we have to go halaman awal we havent seen our family...
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Chan had never felt lebih excited for anything. For the first time in seven years, his father was out on halloween night. This provided him with the extraordinary opportunity to throw a super sexy costume pantai party.

Chan had been wanting for so long to do just that. All he had to do was pray that those crazy royal api siblings wouldn’t mess anything up.

Chan picked out the best gourds and pumpkins and caved into them, adorning each with a candle to light the way to his party.

The party was in full ayunan oleh 10:00. Chan’s gagak costume was clearly wooing all the ladies. He had the best band...
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the last airbender
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Sorry it took me A LONG TIME too write this down.

kupu-kupu danced in the pit of my stomach as I sat on the brown leather dipan, sofa in the hospital waiting room. Out of all the people in the room, and I knew this for a fact, I was the most nervous and excited for Katara. Her, Zuko, and my mom were in the labor room down the big doors we couldn't go in until the baby was born. Kayla and Kyra each sat on the other dipan, sofa across from me. They were silent, not a single word left their lips in the past 2 hours.

Kayla, Kyra, Sam, my dad, my mom and me all came to the hospital. My mom was in the room...
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posted by azulaandmaggie
chapter five

warlock peak is very far from here and the warlocks are there witch anda gies cen fight okay well come on and take us there okay follow me.

well this is alihondro and these are are friends of course i'm fourteen a water bender from the southren water tribe and she's fourteen she is the api lords daughter and a api bender and she lives in the homeland in the firelords palace.

this is aang the avatar he's born in the southren air temple he cefour elements and he defeated the firelord he's twelve years old ariginaly 112 and in the southren air temple.

and this is prince zuko of the...
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posted by vlad_todd_fan
Read the four parts before this to understand what's happening. And komentar at the end!!!

Once I got to my house I watered the plants as usual but with our hose cause there were a few people around. Once finished I rung the doorbell to my house. My mom answered the door and gave me hug. "So how was you'r first day?" she asked while smiling brightly her long blonde hair gleaming in the sun. "My hari was great." I replied "I made three new friends and got their numbers !" while I gave her a kiss. "That's great wh-" she looked at my hair. "What's up with your hair?" She chuckled "It looks strange."...
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posted by greenstergirl
Chapter 2: Learning Chinese

The rest of my hari went normal. Math, English, health, and stupid science. My last period was language class. Not language arts, the language class where anda learn different languages. I signed up to learn Chinese under my dad's request. Hayden signed up too, and when I walked in with Hayden I found my older brother Eli, the 14 tahun old earth bender.

He sat with a cute girl with blond hair and giant blue eyes like the pacific ocean, dark yet pretty. They were laughing at the fat, wrinkly skinned teacher for language class. I was pretty sure he was flirting with...
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Chapter:1: The Teen With The Scar: part 1

"oh no" I Emma, a fourteen tahun old girl, a firebender in a town of water benders, a member of the southern water tribe, a hidden enime of my friends and family. berkata as I made a twenty foot flame of fire. As I did so I saw it , the api navy. "I Must tell the others" I berkata as I ran out of my hiding spot.

I got there just in time. " the api nation is coming into postitions" I yelled. I gatherd up all the children and went to check out if I missed anyone.

Sokka my boyfriend, the only warrior left in town ran upbyo me" Emma I cinta anda if anything happens.."...
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posted by Waterwhip
There on the floor lye a little boy,just laying there. Yue ran meneruskan, ke depan and made the little boy lay in her arms. Though as she began to inspect him she found a burn right on his neck. She gasped but before she do anything healers came to take her away. She turned to Zuko to see his expression. It was nothing but pure horror and shock. The selanjutnya hari it rained and was probably the most boring in the world. She could not visit Zuko because the healers told her they needed to test him and work on him. So there she sat, in front of my window watching the rain fall and just before it hit the ground turn to ice. I t was a magnifecent sight if anda could see it turn to ice. Then she began to think. Was being with zuko right? Who burned the child yesterday? Could it had been zuko. What were the healers doing in zuko's room? . . . Did she belong here?
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I screamed when I saw Tenzin with a bloody burn on his arm. It was red and it streaked all the way down to his hands.

"Katara!! Micheal!!" I screamed with eyes wide and my aching belly that was full of what i call fear.

Micheal ran in with soaked blond hair and blue swim trunks. "What happen-" But he stopped speaking as he looked at Tenzin. He immediately jumped down and began to heal the minor burns on his face. Katara ran in as well and began healing the gigantic burn on his arm.

I sat there, sad that I couldn't do anything. Sad I hadn't gotten the water bending power to heal. Which most...
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"Thats not possible! A person can't have two elements!" My mother berkata while staring at the baby. His blue eyes seemed to change back to the original color he had before, brown.

"I think it might be possible. But why did his eyes change color?" Sam asked confused while tickling Dishi's tummy.

All of us were stumped so we left to go back home. Katara and Dishi needed to rest.

At halaman awal after we all went back to tempat tidur I went over to Aang's house for air bending practice. The outside walls were painted a pretty pohon green and there were lots of different colored bunga beds surrounding the house. I...
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