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 The Promise - Character Concept Art
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the promise
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posted by TheBreeze
Eh, be warned, this is my first artikel here, so it might be kind of crappy. xD

10) Kyoshi
Yes, her screen time is very limited, but what we do see of her I love. She's fierce, brave, daring, reckless, strong and heck, her clothes and make-up are beautiful. The one thing I would dislike about her is, her recklessness could be a serious disadvantage in a war.

9) Hama
Oh my God, I cinta Hama. Yes, she's a villain. Yes, she created the most evil form of bending that in time would be used to cause war and misery. (Oh, hey there Amon!) Yes, she captured innocent people for the simple reason they were...
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posted by KataraLover
We all have seen how Avatar: The Last Airbender and how it ended. But What happend after words? What happened to the beautiful Princess Azula? This is her story of what happened after she was went to the crazy house. She was sitting in the crazy house, when she heard a crash, it was her father.

"Father" berkata Azula

"Your a faulire and will suffer, but first I'm taking anda with me" berkata Ozai

"The Princess isn't going anywhere with you" berkata a guard

"Silence mortal" berkata Ozai as he zapped the guard.

"How did anda do that" asked Azula

"I'll tell anda later, now come with me anda worthless good for nothing"...
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posted by MCskittles
everyone is so pro zuko. and even though he helps aang lots of times and saves many lives. i lost most of my respect wen he ciuman katara. and to tell the truth i was scared they would end up together because katara once told she would end up with a powerfull bender and zuko is pretty powerful.he even tried suducing katara oleh telling her sad stories about his life and getting in the way of a lighting attack from azula to save katara. what a chop... he already has a girl back halaman awal who throws needles at people.

the only thing i feel sorry for zuko is that his fathers a bastard and im sorry his mother disappeared.

its a good thing zuko stop being so angry all the time. he was really pising me off. i never knew what he wanted. so welcome to the light zuko.

even though aang is younge and kitara is obviously lebih mature, im glad they ended up together. like wow.
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-I copied that from TV Tropes anda can go & see the artikel there. fan who toured the avatar The Last Airbender studios returned claiming that the original designs of the swimsuits the girls wore in the episode "The Beach" were rather... naughty. It was a Take Our Word for It, but they were implied to be something that most anime wouldn't have done in a pantai Episode. Considering that the final designs that made it to air were actually fairly risque for what was nominally a children's cartoon (including highlighting Ty Lee's, ahem, character growth), these rumored original designs were...
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posted by Hades223
Set fifteen years after the war, and Aang and Mai are married and they hate Katara and Zuko for cheating on each of them. Toph and Sokka are trying to get them to make amends and are cooking up a devious plan. Hehehehe WARNING! Not for Katara and Zuko lovers.


Mai and Aang's POV

Things had never worked out between Katara and Aang. She had, had an affair with Zuko which was why Zuko and Mai broke up.
The depression of the break ups had driven them together, and eventually they recognized their feelings. A tahun later they had their wedding on the same hari as Zuko and Katara not wanting...
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