Name: Joselyn Guilbe

NickName: Lynie

Age: 18

Appearance: White hair, brown eyes, fair skin, 5 feet 6 inches

Personality: Fun, energetic, serious, concerning, motherly

Alias: Black and white stripped sweater, black beaded necklace, blue jean shorts, and black sneakers


api Nation: black wig, jeruk, orange contacts, red dress, red heels atau black slippers

Earth Kingdom: jeruk, orange wig, blue contacts, brown dress, green heels atau blue slippers

tanggal of Birth: July 31

Talents/Abilities: Airbender, martial arts, archery, shooting, striking

History: When Joselyn was younger, the api nation had killed her parents and captured her. They forced her to marry a api bender and live under his command. When she turned 15, she ran away from Shi-Hi, her husband, and went to live in the forest. She lived off of grubs, animals, and fruits in the forest for 2 years. When she was 17, she ran into the Avatars pet banteng, bison in the woods, and has been living with the avatar since then. She also started dating the api nation prince.