First off, I'm going to say a few things. Yes, I categorized this as news. Second, I believe Yesus existed. Not as a holy being, but as a good, respectable guy who preached his religion, as a historical figure . But, using the Bible's own logic, I'm going to try and collapse the whole holy image of Yesus and leave the picture of a man. Imperfect, sure, a religious dude, but I don't have a problem with religious people. I was raised Christian (my parents don't know I'm an atheist), but off of the idea that Yesus was not perfect.
NOTE: This whole delicate artikel is balancing on the fact that most Christians believe in the Holy Trinity.

A simple daftar of the Ten Commandments is soon going to topple the whole image of Jesus.

NOTE II- I use a summary of each Commandment, not the whole thing

1- I am the LORD thy god, and anda shall have no other gods before me.

Ok, what's up with this?! Are these commandments actually implying that there is lebih than one god? I thought anda all were monotheistic? Oh, well. It has nothing to do with Yesus anyway. So far Jesus, your divinity is safe.

2- anda shall not make yourself into a god.

Wait just a minute. Lemme clear some things up. Yesus was Jewish. He worshipped the same god that Christians do. AKA, himself. He worshipped himself. He broke the detik commandment. HA! There goes one commandment.

3- Do not take the Lord's name in vain.

OK, I know Yesus didn't break that one, but REALLY? Why would he give a crap if someone says his name with a sucky attitude? Wow. Murder's WAY down on the list, but not taking his name in vain is number THREE? Just wow.

4- Keep the Sabbath hari holy.

You're good this time, Jesus. But selanjutnya time *evil laugh*...

5- Honor your mother and father

Maybe anda are good this time, Jesus.

6- anda shall not murder. comes the fun! Like I said, this whole thing is based off of the Holy Trinity, Yesus being God and God being Jesus. Jesus/God killed millions of people, and we forgive them, the survivors saying "God is good!" And they say we're the devil worshipping wackos...

7- anda shall not commit adultery

Jesus/God impregnated a married woman, and nobody gave a crap about that. All I have to say

8- anda shall not steal.

Jesus, you're good that time too.

9- anda shall not lie

He didn't lie

10- anda shall not be jealous.

I don't remember anything about him being jealous, but if anda find something, make a comment.

Thank anda for membaca this and please spread the idea. I respect and believe in Yesus as a historical person, but anything other than that is crap to me.

Oh, and to the hater Christians who are lurking around this club waiting to prey on another piece of "ignorance". You'll probably say Yesus is a special case. Well, he came to serve, not be served. He obviously didn't want any special treatment.