I keep getting a ton of hate against asuna and everyone saying she sucks... and how they dont want to ever ship her with kirito. Honestly, I think thats incredibly stupid.

Asuna is freaking epic. She was scared at first in the series, but she became independent and flew up in ranks in the knights of the blood oath.

Why the f!@#$ does everyone I meet who watches this awesome anime...hate her? What is there to hate? She's polite, kind, sweet, beautiful, and one of the best sword fighters...ever.

Asuna doesn't get enough praise....she way underrated.


Something exciting that is coming to mee... I saved my allowence long enough that I got to purchase my own lambent light (asunas sword) cosplay sword. MAde out of REAL metal. (dull of course) AND I'm so excited!!

Sadly none of my friends care...because they hate asuna...BUT its ok. XD its cool.