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No honestly is there a reason his 'hair' looks like this again? What not enough money to splurg on a few good hair pieces guys?

Second, how many of anda are beginning to thoroughly dislike him? For the longest time I put up with him as the amusing defacto father of Merls and that was all fine well and good and I could cope with his lack of imagination re the tavern issue all hari long (Merlin being in the tavern) but this, this constant, thing of never quite telling all the relevant details and what is more, being selective in his memory is beginning to wear thin.

In fact, sometimes I find him far lebih evil than the warpedness of an Odin atau an Uther because they are just blindingly ignorant but he knows better.

Thoughts welcomed. Very very miffed with Gaius this season.
Title: Am I Awake atau Am I Still Dreaming, Part 1
Author: me!
Word count: 2,712 (so far)
Fandom/s: Merlin and Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Gwen, Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Elyan, Leon, Morgana, Agravaine, Doctor (Eleven), Rory, Amy, OC, Arthur/Gwen and Amy/Rory.
Spoilers/Warnings: None!
Disclaimer: I don’t own Merlin atau Doctor Who. They belong to BBC and Shine!
Summary: Arthur and Merlin get mysteriously kidnapped and find themselves in two deadly situations and it’s up to Gwen to go rescue them. Lucky for Gwen she finds three unlikely companions to help her with her mission. For they...
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Part 16: link

    “Wake up, darlin’, we’re here,” Arthur says quietly, stroking Gwen’s cheek.
    “Mmm,” she scrunches against him and blinks her eyes open. “Did I fall asleep again?”
    “Yes,” he chuckles, ciuman her forehead. “We’re here,” he repeats. She looks out and sees a house, not overlarge, nicely kept. A home. “Come on.”
    He climbs out of the car and opens her door again. They walk to the front door and it opens before Arthur can lift his finger to the doorbell.
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Part 14: link

    “Guinevere…” Arthur shouts from the bedroom.
    “Yes, Love?”
    “Hungry. Can I have lunch?”
    “What do anda want?”
    “Toasted cheese sandwich?”
    “What are you, seven?” She’s laughing at him now.
    “I like those when I don’t feel well.”
    “I know…”
    “And an apple. Cut up. And do we have any bendy straws?”
    “Yes, I bought you...
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    Gwen stares at Gwaine. She doesn’t know what to say atau what to think. How can he be in cinta with me? How can he even have these feelings? We are friends. There is no way he can fall in cinta with me. Gwen’s mind rakes through to find the possible solution to the madness Gwaine is uttering to her and yet she can’t come up with any. She is in a dilemma. Her hari just turned from bad to worse.

    Peeling his hand from hers, she steps back and looks at Gwaine in shock, unable to komentar anything. She just stares at him, dumbfounded.

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Gwen is worried. It’s been hours and still there’s no sign of her father yet. He left to meet his friends at the tavern in the morning and now it’s almost seven in the evening and he isn’t back home.

    Gwaine has left for his home, promising to visit her again tomorrow along with a gift he bought for her father. It was nice talking to Gwaine after such a long absence. And she managed to confide her troubles to him, which makes it even better. Gwaine is the only person she’ll talk to without any worries in the world because he understands...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 11: link

    “This was a good idea,” Gwen says, stepping out of Arthur’s car at the valet, looking up at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham.
    “I thought so,” Arthur says, coming around and putting his hand on her lower back, ushering her inside.
    “I’m glad anda booked the extra night, too,” she says, grinning at him.
    “Well, I’m actually kind of in the wedding,” Arthur admits, “so I would have needed to drive up here tonight anyway for the rehearsal. Staying here saves a lot of driving....
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Part 18: link

    “Thank you, Gemma, that will be all,” Arthur tells the serving girl when Gwen comes out from behind the changing screen in her dressing gown, heading for the large tub filled with steaming water.
    “My lord?” Gemma furrows her brows, confused.
    “You may go, dear,” Gwen says gently intercepting her husband. “I do not require any further assistance this evening.”
    The girl hesitates another moment, then her eyes widen and she flushes scarlet. “Thank you, my lady,” she curtseys...
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posted by kbrand5333
Fic 9: link

The Snow King
Disclaimer: post S5 period AU. Everyone is alive, Morgana knows about Merlin’s magic and is a diminished villain.

Prompt: Merlin the sorcerer accidentally turns Arthur into a snowman. The cure? He must be kissed oleh his true love, Gwen. The problem? Morgana, a sorceress, has fun oleh multiplying the amount of snowmen to hundreds. Can Gwen find the right one before Arthur melts oleh the sun? True cinta must decide.

“Merlin, this isn’t working,” Arthur complains, the snowball disintegrating in his glove. Again. He tosses the remaining snow back on the ground as if he is...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 15: link

    Spring comes, bringing with it the sunshine, new green leaves, chirping birds, and a message from King Marke of Cornwall, inviting the new King and queen of Camelot to visit and discuss alliances.
    Guinevere wakes slowly, scrunching into the bedclothes, looking for her husband’s warm body.
    Where is he? She pries one eye open, then the other, and looks around, only to find him staring into a mirror, regarding his chin.
    “Arthur?” she calls softly.
    “I think I...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 6: link

    Arthur is watching, amused, as Elyan attempts to fold the laundry he brought with him (earning him another scolding). He folds a garmen, pakaian and sets it on the table. Gwen then picks it up, re-folds it properly, and replaces it.
    Arthur has been trying to decide how long it will take Gwen to just shove Elyan out of the way and do it herself. He had just realized that she’s intentionally doing what she’s doing just to make Elyan ask her to do it for him when his mobile springs to life.
    “Leon,” Arthur answers,...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 5: link

    “I’m sorry,” Gwen flushes, “I wasn’t expecting guests for dinner, um…”
    “It’s alright, Gwen, Percival and I already ate,” Lancelot says quickly. “You and Merlin go on ahead.”
    Merlin looks at Lancelot. So does Percival. Merlin sees the brief surprise flitting across Percival’s face and he knows that the two men haven’t eaten.
    Gwen’s back is to them, fixing their plates, so she doesn’t see the exchange, something for which all three men are thankful.
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Part 32: link

    Being Friday night, parking is troublesome. Lance finds a place for his Citroën a ways up the block, and Arthur piggybacks on the spot, squeezing his motorcycle in sideways in front of Lance’s car, the front tire on the sidewalk.
    “Arthur, you’re going to get a citation,” Gwen cautions, but Arthur seems unconcerned.
    “Nice motorbike,” Lance komentar as Gwen once again stuffs Arthur’s jaket away.
    “Thank you. Her name is Morgana,” Arthur says, sweeping his arm grandly.
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posted by ella-rose88
Title: Guinevere’s choice
Author: ella_rose88
Rating: PG
Word count: 9,401
Characters/Pairings: Gwen, Igraine, Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin, Arthur/Gwen and Gwen/Lancelot.
Spoilers/Warnings: Some slight character spoilers for series 4 (though no names are mentioned).
Disclaimer: I don’t own Merlin. If I did things would be different just a tad. There would be many A/G centred episodes and Gwen would be diberikan a sword and go on adventures to rescue the boys (LOL which might give me an idea for another fic)!
Summary: Gwen gets visited oleh a ghost who shows her the future.
Author’s notes: Set after...
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posted by kbrand5333
 I found this picture online, and decided to make it Gwen's dress in this chapter.
I found this picture online, and decided to make it Gwen's dress in this chapter.
Part 6: link

Camelot Speakeasy, Chicago, 1929

The hard soles of Arthur Pendragon’s shoes echo on the metal stairs hidden behind some trash bins in a dank back alley. He trudges down the stairs and reaches a thick metal door, on which he pounds with the side of his fist. He waits.

Seconds later, a hidden panel slides open, and a pair of blue eyes peek out at him. “Password?” a deep voice asks.

“Open up, Percy, it’s me,” Arthur says crossly. Always the same thing with this one. It’s my damn club. I don’t need to give the password.

“Password,” he repeats.

“Percival. I...
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Part 29: link

    “My lady, um, the laces are not going to reach,” bunga aster, daisy says, dropping her hands while Guinevere sighs.
    “This is the third gown!”
    “Well, anda are with child,” the maid says.
    “Yes, but should my gowns be too tight already?”
    “Each pregnancy is different, my lady,” bunga aster, daisy says tactfully.
    “And how would anda know?” Gwen shoots over her shoulder.
    “Just what I hear,” she says sheepishly, taking the gown...
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Part 15: link

Almost one bulan later.

    “Ah, Merlin, come in, please,” Arthur says when Merlin appears in the doorway. He and Guinevere are preparing for the selanjutnya day’s journey. “Close the door.”
    Merlin closes the door and enters. “My lord?”
    Gwen is seated at the table, and Arthur joins her. “Please sit,” he motions to Merlin.
    What is going on? Merlin wonders. I haven’t messed anything up lately, nobody has been caught eavesdropping at their door again; everything’s been running smoothly…...
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Part 68: link

    “Mmmm,” Guinevere purrs contentedly, resting her head on Arthur’s chest. She curls into his side, throwing a leg over his.
    “I didn’t get to finish my lunch,” Arthur says, earning him a pinch. “Ow!”
    “Hey, anda were the one that left the table,” she shrugs.
    He slides his hand along her body, from her hip to her shoulder and back down again to rest on her hip, where he gives her a squeeze. “Well it was still your fault. And makan malam isn’t until seven,” he pouts.
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Part 48: link

    ”One lebih match. Tournament will be over.”
    I feel so awkward around her this morning. My jantung is pounding. Surely I’m not nervous about the tournament. Is it… is it her?
    “You can go back to being Prince Arthur.”
    Yes, I suppose so. Do I want to, though? She seems… shy this morning. Oh. She’s coming closer.
    “Um… I thought anda might wear it… for luck.”
    Is she granting me a favor? Oh. Oh, my. She is. Wow.
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Part 16: link

    They walk into the station house and Merlin announces “Cookies!” and sets the box on a table. There are a half-dozen other men inside, engaging in various leisure activities. Arthur introduces Gwen lebih casually to these others, basically pointing and naming names. He tells them that Gwen is his girlfriend. Gwen’s jantung does a little flip at hearing him announce her as his girlfriend. Get it together woman, you’re not a silly teenager.
    Merlin walks over, looking at his watch and saying, “Arthur, we need to change your bandages...
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