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Sununu posted on Apr 17, 2014 at 11:58PM
OKAY before we begin, you must pick 10 people, no more than three from the same show. Make yourself a little list, if it helps. I mean, you're reading, I can't exactly stop you!
So, have your list? Good. Now, for the game!

1 is sick. You and one other have to get the medicine. If you choose 2, you have to go Indy-style into a temple to cure 1. If you choose 3, you simply go to Walgreens, but you have to negociate with the clerk because you left your wallet at home. 4 or 5, you have to hand-make the cure with possibly deadly substances. 6, you have to stay at home with 1, taking care of them (and their whiny complaints on the temp of the house) until 6 returns. 7 means you need to have to get a doctor, and 7 just so happens to be the doc! 8 or 9 means you and 8/9 get sick to, and 1 has to take care of you two until you both heal! 10 means that you and 10 must make a disgusting meal to make up for any nutrients 1 lost while sick, and you and 10 have to force him/her to eat it all.

I realize this was short! Comment for more, and give suggestions too! I hope you enjoyed the game!

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Sununu said…
I'll do it myself too ^_^
Okay, here's the list:
1. Giroro
5.Sailor Mercury/Ami
6.Sailor Venus/Minako
7.Sailor Jupiter/Makoto
10.Pikachu (why not?)

Okay, so Giroro is sick. Poor Giro-sama... Oh right! So lets see... I'd pick Tamama first, but lets mix this up... Oh what does Keroro do? NO WAY YUS KERORO WINS (imagine my avatar (sununu) and keroro making a toxic med :))