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komik jepang Story Idea Contest! Give me some good stories for a komik jepang that I could write.


Must have a main character

The character should have some sort of background atau story behind them.

No cussing in the story, and has to be suitable for all ages (I mean, sure fighting and some bloodshed is fine, but don't go TOO overboard) If your story does have any mature-ness to it (Hentai, Characters that tampil off a lot of skin, ((Mostly girls)) atau pervy characters), then put the words "Mature Rated, read at your own risk." in the title.

Some kind of setting, preferably somewhere in Japan.

It can have magic atau monsters, atau it can be realistic fiction.

If it takes place at a school, Put some part in the story about the actual school. (Some komik jepang atau anime has a school as the setting... and they don't even DO schoolwork! That really annoys me, because here we do work, work, and work!)

Not too complicated... I have limits. Remember that I'll be making it into a manga.

Have fun, and happy writing!

i have something, it's of adventure/romance genre, about a journalist and she helps the pirates in floating islands in the sky...do anda make mangas? if anda are the right person, please respond. ill give anda the story, it won first prize for the best novel here.
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MegaLeafeon said:
Yes! yes! yes! ok I am a can of idea worms are anda still interested? 😁
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