I first started watching anime about 5 years ago, unless anda count Dragon Ball Z, Yugioh atau Cardcaptors in English "anime"... I suppose technically they all are, but I just don't, because they were always presented to me as cartoons, on New Zealand television. I had never heard the term "anime", then.
The first anime I ever watched was Ghost in the Shell, which my friend had on DVD, so we watched it. It was awesome. Then, not long after that, me and the same friend watched Gantz and I started to become a little lebih intrigued... however, that feeling wore off and I forgot all about anime for a while.
Then, one day, another friend decided to tampil me Bleach, during the Rukia Rescue Arc. I watched this with great intrigue and began to watch it oleh myself at home. I really got into it and really enjoyed it, so, naturally, I continued on, until I reached a certain point and began watching other anime, too. Then, I decided I wanted to make a Zanpakuto, so I searched the net and found a link to a forum called 'Make Your Own Zanpakuto', and that's how I found Fanpop... I created an account after about two atau three weeks of membaca through all of the Zanpakutous. When I finally finished the current Bleach at the time, I started on One Piece, since I'd heard a lot about it and people, especially on here, rated it as an excellent anime, even if it was longer than Bleach.

The reason I cinta anime so much, is because it is almost limitless, in terms of stories and fictional implications. There's just so much anda can do with an anime, whether the same style has been done before, atau not. I started off only really liking anime based around action/adventure, typical shounen-style anime, but got myself hooked into many other styles/genres of anime. Currently, I'm watching Pretty Rhythms: pelangi Live, a shoujo/music anime. It's really cute and I really like it. anime introduces me to different worlds, worlds that I can imagine myself in and wish to be in. Since I can't, I watch anime, which is the selanjutnya best thing to living inside an anime world. I also cinta the character interactions and development in many anime. For some reason, anime just manages to make characters so interesting to me, ones that I just identify with, and it's so easy, anda just start to like a character, then, selanjutnya minute, anda just cinta them and feel like anda understand them. I also really cinta a lot of the Japanese made musik that often, atau always, accompanies anime. In many cases, I have found it to be very relaxing and often very beautiful, especially some of the instrumental stuff. Some music, like from the anime, K-On, is good, because the people that made that musik were just voice actors, then began recording and making musik while producing the anime to which they were producing the musik for.

So, yeah, I absolutely adore anime and probably will continue to for the rest of my life.